There’s an old saying: Old power forwards never die, they just end up on different benches. I may have just made this up right now, but if Juwan Howard has taught us anything then you know it’s true.

That doesn’t make this any less ridiculous though. From Marc J. Spears:

[Kevin Willis] turned 50 today, is in great shape & tells Y! he could play 15-20 min a game in NBA now & would return if a team is serious.

No offense to Kevin Willis, who is one half of the legendary “Did you mean Otis Thorpe?” joke and 100 percent of the even more legendary “Look how short this guy’s arms are” joke, but I have a feeling that none of the teams in the NBA are going to be serious. Maybe I am crazy and there is a market for 50-year-old journeymen power forwards who made one All-Star team literally 20 years ago and have been retired for five years, but I suspect that is not the case. If it were, Otis Thorpe would have got a job years ago. (Still works.)

That being said, if there were any retired basketball players who are not named Karl Malone who I think would stay in good enough shape to make a return to the NBA at age 50, Kevin Willis would be pretty high on the list. Even though he was always one of the sweatiest players of my childhood, he was always tremendously fit. Plus, he’s spent the last few years making clothes, which we all know fall way better if you keep trim.

And hey, there are still probably like three or four teams Willis hasn’t played for yet. I’m not sure if they’re serious, but they’re certainly out there. Might as well keep working out.

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  1. I’d be easy to say that the Celtics would take a serious look because their line up is ancient, but they’re going young now that they replaced 37 year old ray allen with the much younger Jason Terry (age 35). I don’t think Willis fits into what the Celtics are doing now. Last season he woulda fit perfectly wit the ancient celtics, but not with the Baby Celtics

  2. I forget who said “Kevin Willis is 7 feet tall with the arms of a guy 6’5″ and the hands of a guy 5′ 10″, but I always loved that description.

    • That sounds about right. I remember when he was a Raptor – he fouled out in about 5 minutes in some random game. But I recall what we call his “cement hands”.

  3. the Baby Celtics i love u.

  4. Probably walked into the garage one night after watching the Expendables and a few too many cocktails, dusted off the old elbow pads and had this wild epiphany. I truly fear old age and what it does to the mind

  5. I would subscribe to NBA League Pass if he decides to come back.

  6. Robert Parish, anyone?

  7. Go fish’n! Only 200+ jobs already.

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