The offseason is a time for players to recuperate, relax and rebuild their bodies. After a lockout smashed a whole bunch of games in to not much time, NBA players really needed to take advantage of their time off to get ready for the 2012-13 season. Perhaps no player has done a better job of this than Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter, who just spent a weekend in Los Angeles working out, taking hilarious pictures and then posting them to Twitter. It’s the perfect summer fitness regiment.

As you can see, the workouts seem to be a success, as he can now balance a full-grown but fairly small man off the side of his body. I don’t know how that will help him in the NBA, but it’s good to know he can do it, just in case. At the very least, this makes the Jazz a more attractive free agent location for Earl Boykins.

But now, you might be wondering, “How did he get so strong?” The answer, of course, is by playing on playgrounds.

With his shirt off.

But it’s not just super intense monkey bar repetitions that’s taking up Kanter’s time in El Lay. He’s also, let’s say, experiencing the culture.

Here he is, posing with two ladies while wearing a Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt that he bought on the boardwalk, pixelated sunglasses and a fedora. Or, as they call it in Venice, the tourist starter pack.

And here he is, posing with two ladies who may or may not be the same ones from the previous picture. I really can’t tell. What I can tell, however, is that Enes Kanter seems to have cornered the market on novelty glasses, which is certainly an accomplishment.

Oh, and he stopped by the Playboy corporate offices for a tour.

Is Enes Kanter having the best time ever? It really seems like it. Whether he’s balancing dudes on his suddenly muscular body, hanging with all kinds of chicks or working out on playgrounds, he’s truly livin’ de life.