Back when iBooks Author was announced, I remember making a jokey joke on Twitter about somehow figuring out a way to use it to write a book of jokey jokes (Mr. Cool Brags over here). Well, I’ve been scooped, because “Mommy, What’s a SuperSonic?” by Andrew Gall exists.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, “Mommy, What’s a SuperSonic?” is the tale of how the Sonics came to leave Seattle, only it’s made to look like a kids book because the author is, by his own admission, a terrible artist. From Seattle Weekly:

“I too relocated from Seattle, in my case a year and a half ago, after the ad firm I was working for closed its doors and I decided to seek other opportunities,” says Gall of how his Seattle roots.

“As my interest and hope for the return of the NBA to Seattle began to regenerate, I thought about putting out something simple and quick about the Sonics, in hope of renewing fan interest and discussion about who the team was and why they left. And the fact is, it’s pretty sad that kids growing up in Seattle today will literally be asking their parents the question of who the Supersonics were and why they left,” says Gall. “I thought that I could create something that would be a nice way for parents to be able to take a trip down memory lane, through the good AND tragic times, at the same time teaching their kids an important civic history lesson about what was among many Seattleites’ fondest memories–the Sonics.”

The result is a 32-page, iPad only book that’s available on iTunes for free. There’s embedded YouTube highlights, amateur illustrations of Sonics legends like Shawn Kemp and Michael Cage, and rhymes about all of these things, all atop what appears to be a finger-painted rendition of the Sonics’ old logo. In other words, it’s the perfect idea and what I am guessing is the exact thing Steve Jobs envisioned when he dreamt of the iPad.

More screenshots after the jump. Go download this.

(via SportsGrid)

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  1. If I had kids and lived in seattle I’d just tell them the truth. “The team was for sale and nobody from seattle stepped up and bought it despite the nimber of billionaires we have. When we wouldn’t give the team the new arena it had been seeking for like a decade, they moved to a city that had a nice arena”

    • Finally someone has some sense about this Seattle SuperSonics thing. There easly still could be a supersonics team if someone from Seattle had it or Seattle REALLY wanted them (moneywise). Its a lot easier to blame Oklahoma City than take responsibility.

  2. Im waiting for “mommy, what’s a Detroit gem?” THAT’S why Detroit went down hill…damn Minnesotaians.

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