I don’t know if it made in to your Day-Planners or not, but last week was New York Fashion Week, which is 100 percent what it sounds like:  a week of fashion shows for fashion people in America’s most fashionable city. David Bowie wrote a song about it once, I think. And because dressing fancy is the coolest thing in the NBA right now — even cooler than releasing rap mixtapes, if you can believe it — a whole bunch of your favorite NBA players showed up to figure out ways to look even more ridiculous in press conferences.

Naturally, Russell Westbrook was the basketbelle of the ball.

Honestly, at this point I am used to Russell Westbrook looking like this and have maybe even been brainwashed a little in to liking his outfits. Well, not that black shirt with a jellyfish or whatever that is that’s on the far right, but everything else is fine. For him, at least. I guess this what Westbrook is going to look like for a little bit, so we might as well embrace it. And even though he got called some pretty horrible things, he looks like he’s having fun, so that’s nice.

Another NBA fancy pants mainstay, Amar’e Stoudemire, was there as well.

That’s him with Lance Bass, because that just makes sense in this day and age. Amar’e being at Fashion Week and hanging out with the strangest people is old hat at this point, so let’s move on.

Because Tyson Chandler, who has admitted to loving to wear capes, was at Fashion Week too. And I don’t know how else to explain this, but he was dressed like a gigantic Amish hipster.

What about that boots-and-hat outfit made him want to wear it twice? I know it’s kind of got a Todd Snyder thing going on, but come on.

Because this was in NYC, there were obviously some other Knicks there, like J.R. Smith and his brother, Chris, who is also in training camp with the team.

It appears this shot was taken at the black t-shirt expo. I heard Simon Cowell was the keynote speaker.

As Ball Don’t Lie’s Dan Devine noted, Knicks coach Mike Woodson was also there, which must have been part of some sort of team building exercise.

He looks like he’s having a great time. Here’s hoping that goatee catches on.

The last New Yorker spotted in the Getty Images database, while not a Knick, was Kris Humphries who was snapped in a look I like to call the Trey Kerby.

Perhaps more amazingly, I literally own the exact same camo pants that the guy on the left is wearing. It’s nice to be at Fashion Week without having to actually be at Fashion Week.

Staying in the northwest, GQ intern Rajon Rondo was in attendance, but apparently they haven’t got to the picking a tie portion of his curriculum.

Too skinny, too sloppy and not pulled up all the way — otherwise, nailed it.

Changing gears, Matt Barnes showed up because he actually owns a fashion line, so it kind of makes sense.

Between not being that huge, not dressing like a total lunatic, dropping that weird Mohawk he used to have and not being a big name player, do you think Matt Barnes has a more authentic Fashion Week experience than these other guys? I don’t know or care either, but it’s something to consider.

Last but not least, Chris Bosh was in attendance because of course he was. But he did something commendable, even if it may have been completely unintentional — he killed the NBA players in silly glasses look.

With those giant glasses on that tiny head, with those Chris Boshity faces, this has to be the end of this trend. Please let this be the end of this trend.

However, Bosh’s accessory game was still pretty tight, as he rocked some legitimately great slippers for a quickie GQ shoot.

Yeah, that’s the Larry O’Brien Trophy. When you win an NBA title, getting a pair of customized Del Toro slippers is a pretty great idea. Chris Bosh wins the NBA championship of Fashion Week, just for these. Way to go, Chris.