The new trailer for NBA 2K13 looks awesome. I’m 100 percent positive I’ll only be able to pull off the majority of those moves on accident, but it still looks pretty wicked and I’m going to play it so much. Cannot wait.

But watching the trailer, I couldn’t help but noticing just how many highlights there were against the Toronto Raptors. So I did what any bro with a rudimentary knowledge of video editing would do — I made a compilation of all the anti-Raptors moments in the new spot. Andrea Bargnani gets some particularly rough treatment.

You know things are bad when even the Wizards are getting video game highlights over you. Executive producer Jay-Z must really hate Toronto.

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  1. Subliminal message to the EA Sports team (which has its biggest office in Canada)?

  2. Seemed like there were a disproportionate amount of Paul George highlights.

  3. I’m assuming it’s hard coded that Javale McGee will only be able to throw that dunk off the backboard if the Nuggets are down by 15 or more.

  4. Some teams are…. not as represented as others. Houston’s entire appearance is about half a second of Lamb, I guess guarding Kobe. I don’t think I even saw a frame with a magic Jersey in it.

    • Name a Magic player worthy of being in this video? I bet you can’t. Oh wait, Dirk shoots over Nelson and Hedo at around 40 seconds.

      Who’s the no-name wearing no.2 at around 33 seconds?

      • I’d say thats Felton in the knicks retro jersey! He wore no. 2 back in his first stint. Don’t know if he will wear it again, though.

  5. And three Pacers highlights: all nasty slams. Hyped for Indiana Pacers 2012-13: The Dunkstravaganza.

  6. I can’t wait! This might be the best 2K game ever! The graphics look so realistic, and from what I’ve heard the controls are easier and more fluid. The makers really did a good job on this one!

  7. That song came from EA’s Fight Night video game series. I just can’t remember which one it is.

  8. Gimme some Raptor news!

  9. Where is the love for the Spurs!!!! I didn’t see any of the black and silver!

  10. I`ve been following Adam Francis on twitter and I never see or read anything about
    Aaron Gray he is my nephews son or my sister`s grandson whats up

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