It’s the summer. The Olympics are over. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, The Jones get their wanderlust on and talk traveling. Does technology hurt or help the modern traveling experience? What item should you never leave home without? Why should you avoid tables in restaurants? All that, plus binge drinking in China, lion safaris in Mexico, football hooligans in Rome, and the surprising dangers of beach reggae.


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  1. Haven’t listened yet…but why do I feel like beach Reggae will involve Tas’ superb reggae accent??

  2. Traveling is the worst if you aren’t dropping serious dough on food. Totally agree Leigh.

  3. Anything else on the Traveling bucket list? Volcano, for me.

  4. With a smartphone, i wouldn’t have gotten me and my friends lost way late at night in Verona and ended up the highway around the outskirts of town. Or, after two hours of walking, cut through a field where we found a dead body in a big duffel bag.

    Also, the foot treads on the squatter toilets in China are not as useful when you are trying to puke warm Tsingtao into the little hole. Just an FYI.

  5. Shark fin soup is actually really good.

    Not good enough to kill an ENTIRE shark for it, but still really good.

    • They actually eat most of the shark including the fin in Asia. It’s not like they kill a shark, remove the fin for soup and chuck the meat.

  6. my suggestion for a blank jones: the irritable jones. everybody just talks about things that annoy them.

  7. An entire podcast of “cool story bro” moments. Did laugh out loud at JD’s Homer drop though.

    Good shit as usual.

  8. Wow… Every “blank” Jones is getting progressively worse and worse. Blame Osten. I always thought he was particularly smart because he was small, wore glasses…didn’t know anything about b-ball… But, well, hmmm… It’s the off-season and I’ll take what I can get! Keep meandering, guys! Going back to work!

  9. ‘immerse yourself in the culture…….so there I was drinking manhattans in China’ haha

    Excellent episode again.

  10. The “What if…” Jones . . .

    talk about “What if..” situations and how you would think they could / would have played out. Somewhat plausible ideas, and keep it NBA related.

    e.g. “What if the Raps didn’t take Araujo…” who would they have picked, how would it have changed the history of that team, etc.

    Sorry for asking for more bball podcast content. I’m kind of a bball fan.

  11. as for travel stories . . . when i was a teen my parents were stupid enough to let my brother and i go to europe. in retrospect my parents are crazy, but they weren’t the only crazy ones. another family seemed to do the same thing – and by random chance we met some sisters in London, and went all over France, Italy, Switz, Aust, Ger, and Holland together. That was 14-15 years ago. We’re all still family friends, and one of those girls is my wife now.

    i know. Cool story bro.

  12. Hands down my favorite Blank Jones episode….great show. My tip for travelers, particularly in Asia…travel with your own small bowl and chopsticks or cup….if you don’t want the shits, down use street market utensils….once you’ve seen the rats crawling around the noodle stand’ll get it. Also and probably most importantly. Wash you hands really often. Drink some tonic water in the pub and go out for breakfast when you drink too much. My favorite site for traveler’s advice is Lonely Planet’s with the daily journals from all over the planet warning of scams, pickpockets etc and cheap hostels. I lived overseas in several countries for 2 decades and the Irish and Aussies were my favorite expats…hands down funniest, earthiest travelers to party with.

    • What are you running from?

      • Comment of the Week.

      • I like to think of it as running towards. That’s where i met my wife and we now have a son in college and have been home for 15 years. I’m a lot older than most of you guys and I recommend traveling. I don’t think of Leigh as a fugitive because he lives and works in Canada.

  13. Okay so first you did a second Bad Ideas Jones, and then this was the other suggestion I had. Get out of my mind TBJ!

    I bet your next Blank Jones won’t be what I’m thinking now!

    • I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I for one am kinda surprised that there hasn’t been a boob jones so far

  14. How about an “Ol’ Jasper Jones”

  15. unrelated to this podcast but i have a question for matty o. what was it like to be kicked out of the iditarod?

  16. A potentially scary tip, but when I was on my honeymoon in Cozumel (a pretty safe place, as far as Mexico is currently concerned), I knew enough Spanish to ask our taxi driver the best place to eat on the island. San Antonio (where I’m from) has a ton of Mexican-ish food, so we wanted to skip any tourist spots with similar offerings and go where the locals eat. Thankfully, he didn’t take us to a torture dungeon, and the restaurant was so good we ate there twice before we left. Moral of the story: (some) taxi drivers (might) know what’s up.

    And I’ll just cool story bro myself out…

  17. man i love these episodes… they just make my week! anyways id just like to leave a suggestion for a new topic…… how about the social networking jones or the BOOK OFF PAY OFF JONES

  18. That “its boring” soundboard drop may have been the greatest of all time, hilarious. Kudos to the man in the booth.

  19. the rest of that entire episode could’ve sucked, and the episode still would’ve been awesome for the homer “boring” drops. kudos, JD.

  20. As someone who used to travel, but can’t now due to being broke and working a minimum wage (woo being 21), this really brought back memories and made me miss traveling.

    I agree with Matt. When I was 17, alone in another country. Every time I left the hotel it felt like an adventure. Even if it was just to get some food…and even if I was simply in Edmonton (Big difference from the Rural south <.<). There was a thrill , an adrenaline rush. Damn…I just reallly miss it

    Earlier today, I was talking about how I had no passion in my life, nothing I felt like expending any energy on. After hearing these stories, I just want to travel the world. It sounds really dumb, but for the first time in months I have motivation to make this stuff happen

    Sorry about getting sort of sappy, a silly podcast made me emotional. ANYWAY. Awesome work on the Blank Jones. As much as I miss the Basketball Jones, I find these to be freaken awesome. Just had to say how much I love and appreciate the show!

  21. a legit bowl of shark fin soup is fantastic, so if you do not have any political/social reservations and also $100, try some.

  22. Speaking of eating weird shit… I visited China and they eat everything… I was trying to be super respectful to my hosts, and tried most things, including chicken blood (it’s made into like a jelly cube) and in some kind of chilli broth. It’s so disgusting, I can still smell it when I think about it… And I only had a tiny bit.

    But I flat out refused to eat the century egg.

  23. I thought the episode was great. Now here’s a couple ideas I’ve made up.

    1.Imagination Jones: Talk about imaginary things you made up when you were young(imaginary friends, worlds, etc.) and make up imaginary things to put into a story to present to other Jones members.

    2.Video Game Jones: Just like Screenplay Jones but with video games, talk about features in the game, what genre, characters, etc.

    3.Dream Life Jones: Sounds stupid, but whatever, talk about what kind of car you would want if you had all the money in the world, what country(ies) you would live in/own, who would be your dream girl(I already know Leigh wants Kate [insert last name here]), what you would have in your house, stuff like that.

    4.Alternate Life Jones: Who would you be? A rich Brit from Manchester who lives by himself and longs for someone to spend their nights with? A cotton picker from Scotland who is trying to be the world’s best cotton picker, while also having to deal with a family of 8? Or maybe a world class Olympian like Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps, but they feel like they should retire but don’t want to let their country down? You guys have brains full of ideas, make something up.

  24. Great episode. Appreciate hugely lots of China references. I’m doing the same thing couple of you guys were doing in this widely strange and great country. Almost nothing changed here. Chinese still do most the same things: byuing drinks, being amazed and surprised by foreigners, eating crazy stuff.


    Oh, suggestion:
    The Scariest Jones – some thrilling stories about scary shit that happened to you.

  25. another good episode, although did seem to miss a great opportunity to discuss yoghurt in Greece

  26. A question for Leigh: ”Did you ever try kangaroo meat and if you did how did it taste’?’

  27. Leigh questioning Matt about the snake blood was like Dale asking Con about the trip to Thailand in The Castle.

  28. what is it with cancun and lion cubs? i saw 2 last time i was down there and people were trying to get tourist to take pictures with them….

  29. Yo!! A shout out for the Irish!!

  30. How about the Comment Jones?

  31. You know if you’ve been in China too long when you see a mother with 4 toddlers on a scooter with no helmets and you think, I’ll bet she could squeeze a couple more kids on there if she just lifted one leg

  32. Just got back from a trip to Toronto to visit a friend and was able to sample some of the local food, a delightful little milk bar in the beaches area. I enjoyed an ice cream sandwich that was almost *too* rich, and some killer strawberry milk. It was so good we went back a couple days later for more. Friendly young fella behind the counter, too.

  33. I gotta be honest with you guys, the celestial Seasonings tea tour is pretty great. Bad call on saying it sucks.

    Colorado is a great place if you want to go hiking. there are plenty of places to go without roads next to them. Boulder is pretty great too. Colorado may be too sunny for Trey though…

    I recommended trying some Japanese food @ domo & try some of the many sausages they have (rattlesnake bison elk pheasant duck etc). I don’t drink much but the Coors plant is supposed to be great along with all the micro breweries.

  34. So no one played any ball while on overseas? I was hoping to hear about cool places in other countries to shoot around :-(

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