I know it is more fun to make fun of the Cavaliers’ front office than to give them daps, but I think we need to look at what they’re doing for the upcoming season and give them some applause. Because this, my friends, is pretty genius.

From the Plain Dealer:

Other scheduled promotions for the season include “Mayan Calendar Survivors Night” on Dec. 21, the day the Mayan’s predicted the world would end, that is slated to be “the biggest party in Cleveland,” when the Cavaliers host Indiana.

Promotional giveaways include “The Christmas Story” Bobble Leg Lamp on Dec. 5 against Chicago,  a Kyrie Irving Bobblehad on March 4 against New York, and the ever-popular Wild Thing (Anderson Varejao) Wig on Jan. 5 against Houston.

My aunt and uncle go to the house from “A Christmas Story” — located in Cleveland, which is why this is a thing — every couple of years and they even have a full-size leg lamp that they bring out every Christmas, so this is going to go over pretty well in their household. I am not joking when I suggest that there’s a chance they’d drive to Cleveland for a bobbleleg. Based only on this completely personal connection to two people I am related to, it certainly sounds like there’s a market for this. I’m totally on board for this.

The other big one in there, “Mayan Calendar Survivors Night,” is just hilarious. It definitely has the potential for some “Disco Demolition Night” disaster, where people take things a little too far, but it’s still a funny idea. Especially when you consider “the biggest party in Cleveland” is scheduled for a night between teams from Ohio and Indiana. I bet they understand the irony.

Plus, the Cavs have new alternate jerseys for home games that look pretty nice, if you’re a fan of mustard. Good things are happening in Cleveland.