Not too long ago, we got a covert look at the Nets’ new floor because they tried it out at the IZOD Center for some reason. But now, thanks to the Nets’ website, we get an actual factual look at the Barclays Center floor. And it is awesome, thanks to a herringbone pattern like an old man’s pants.

Who knows how that pattern will play on an HD television screen, but the promo shots look great. And considering how skeptical I was of the black-and-white color scheme, color me (color puns are hot for 2012) impressed with the black seats and cement look the Nets have going on. It’s pretty Ned Stark, but that really makes the floor pop. I do not like that the Barclays Center is in blue but I guess when they pay to sponsor the arena, you make their name stand out. So it goes.

So yeah, new floor and new logos, but we’re still waiting on the uniforms even though we know what they look like. I am tentatively excited about their whole look, which is something I wasn’t expecting would happen. Way to go, Jay-Z. More shots after the jump.

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  1. That looks nice…

    Is it in NBA 2k13?

  2. “So it goes…” Kerby, have you been re-reading Slaughterhouse Five lately?

  3. The court isn’t just herringbone, it’s made of tweed.

  4. I thought you meant the up-market Australian fashion brand “Herringbone” & got excited…

    to be honest, it’s only a matter of time before NBA Players come across the brand. Your move Westbrook.

  5. What’s with the Barclay’s Center in blue though? Throws the whole thing off for me.

  6. *Colour
    silly Americans

  7. That is sexy as hell. Unofficial Nets fan* me.

    *I’m also unofficial fan to the Pacers, TWolves, Bucks, Hornets and Grizz this year.

  8. The floor pattern is chevron, not herringbone. The panels meet in a straight line seam. Herringbone overlaps and has uneven edges. It seems to be a wonderfully disorienting home court advantage.

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