This just goes to show you that with clever editing, every NBA player has a highlight tape somewhere in their archives. Like if you really tried, you could find enough clips of Chris Quinn doing cool stuff to make a decent two minute compilation. Sure, they might not have Stacey King going bonkers the whole time, but that’s up to you to decide if that’s a good thing or not.

(via PBT)

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  1. Legend, this guy.

  2. Oh man, thank you for this. That was the best laugh I’ve had in a long time. It’s the commentary that really makes this video. YOU CAN’T STOP THE WHITE MAMBA! YOU CAN ONLY HOPE TO CONTAIN HIM!

  3. man he had a mean dunk against memphis in 06′-07′ that film is probably lost forever. such a bad year for us celtics.

  4. Apparently just saying “Awesome” was too short a comment.
    So anyway:

  5. Hey man! I really liked Chris Quinn. Dude can ball

  6. I was kinda pulling for a spazzy lock down d sequence. A bit where Scal looks constipation serious and flaps his arms like a sparrow. INTIMIDATOR. Or maybe a spot where he eats some pizza.

  7. An inspiration for ginger kid ballers everywhere .

  8. i’d prefer watching a dunk contest involving the white mamba, the red rocket, channing frye, and andrea “i’m not a woman” bargnani next year.

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