Earlier today, whilst trying to determine the coolest player in the NBA, I offhandedly mentioned that it seems like Rajon Rondo hates everybody in the NBA who isn’t Josh Smith. And while I’ll admit that that is probably a bit of an exaggeration and that he probably thinks Kevin Garnett is OK, it’s not totally crazy to think that’s entirely true.

Case in point: Rondo’s still-ongoing beef with former teammate Ray Allen, which took a bizarre turn during a recent “106 & Park” appearance. From CSSNE.com’s Jessica Camerato:

BET: Have you talked to Jesus? Have you talked to Ray Allen, man?
Rondo: Oh, that guy.
BET: Ohh.
Rondo: I talk to the Lord.
BET: You say you what?
Rondo: To the Lord.

Super awkward. All that little guy wanted to know was if Rondo and Ray Allen had talked things over at all, but then Rajon had to go and make everybody feel weird about even thinking about that. I guess those problems weren’t as overblown as these guys have said.

That’s not surprising, considering we’ve heard these sort of reports for the past couple of seasons. However, I must ask you, why do these guys not like each other? I’m not entirely certain of the causes and why it continues. Is it because Rondo’s extension made Ray expendable and therefore led to him showing up in a thousand trade rumors? I’ve seen that suggested as the cause. Did Ray just want the ball more and had trouble adjusting to not handing the ball as often as he did in Seattle? He seems like such a professional that that wouldn’t matter. Was it because they both realized how much better they made each other, but that was tearing them apart, like a Joy Division song come to life? I have no idea.

But who knows. These guys still don’t like each other and Rajon Rondo is still refusing to talk about it. This season’s Celtics-Heat games are going to be tons of fun.

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  1. Rondo was so awkward in this interview, even before the Ray part… he seemed nervous to be on national TV… which is so ironic.

  2. lol the interviewers were worse than rondo…

  3. If Boston had to choose between Rondo and Allen, they made the right choice. As a Golden State fan, I’m still mad we turned down Boston’s trade offer of Rondo for Ellis and Curry.

  4. By the way, 106 and Park is STILL on the air???!

    • as far as I’m concerned, 106 died when free and aj left.

      rondo is an ass, but I don’t blame him. he seems to be annoyed at his fame, which is understandable. doesn’t change the fact he acts like an ass though, but you can surely understand why.

  5. Rondo – definitley a cool list player.

  6. I wonder what’s worse, being a teammate with a control freak like Ray Allen or an unpleasant dickhead like Rondo?

  7. Maybe there is a problem like Delonte and Lebron? Rays mother is a prominent figure at Celtics games?

  8. Ah!! Cannot wait for the seaseon the begin! Hatin the baseball. Celtics will be so interesting!

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