Remember about a year ago, before he had a cool new name, when Metta World Peace made his stand-up comedy debut and the entire world thought, in unison, “This is really great but I wish there were more race and gay jokes?” Of course you do because you thought this exact same thing.

Well lucky for you — for all of us, really — Metta’s about ready to hit the stage again, and this time he’s bringing his best race and gay material. From ESPN:

It was late last week, while practicing his stand-up comedy routine in the shower, that Metta World Peace knew he’d developed some really good race jokes. Gay jokes, too. The type of jokes that could get an NBA player in trouble, but are nevertheless true to the unfiltered nature of the Lakers forward. [...]

“I’m definitely going to roast President Obama,” he says, “and I’m gonna roast the new guys, too: I have a cool joke about the new Lakers rock stars, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, and about Kobe a little bit. And I have a couple of gay jokes that I’m going to say.”

Wait, Metta … are you sure you wanna go there?

“No, you can tell gay jokes — you just have to be funny,” he counters. “It’s like telling black or white jokes. And I do have a couple of racist jokes — you gotta throw out some racist jokes. There’s a difference between being racist and telling a racist joke. Every comedian does it. There’s no way around it. Gotta talk about your own race, obviously — I’m going to stereotype black people. You gotta stereotype everybody. Females, too.

“Hopefully people like it, and people laugh.”

Sure, yeah. People always like gay and race jokes. Those always go over really well with no repercussions, especially when they are crafted by amateur comedians.

It’s basically impossible to fathom a world where something like this would go horribly wrong and Metta World Peace ends up on a bunch of blogs for taking things a bit too far and then he has to issue an apology to several groups that he has offended but then they don’t think the apology is quite good enough so they pressure David Stern to do something about it which leads to a suspension since Metta World Peace has a bit of a reputation in the league office. I definitely can’t imagine something like that happening. No way.

I mean, if he came up with these race and gay jokes in the shower, then what’s the worst that could happen?