A lot of times, if you ask a married person what the best day of their life was, they’re going to say their wedding day, even if they don’t mean it. It’s a day when they feel loved by their friends and family, they get to throw a huge party where everyone in attendance is there to see them at their happiest, and they’re starting a new stage of their life’s journey with someone who they love very much. It’s sappy to say and sappy to think about, but there’s something that’s just undeniably great about seeing the joy on a person’s face when they’re at their most ecstatic.

Just ask Thaddeus Young, who just got married and is still living in that post-wedding stage of pure delight. From Philadunkia:

Philadunkia:  We heard you got married recently.  Congratulations.  How’s married life treating you?

Thad:  It’s cool.  It’s like, it was just like paperwork.

Oh. Never mind. Weddings are boring.

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  1. Meanimg they were so in love etc. that it was merely a formality, they were so committed to each other. But yes, poor choice of words indeed.

  2. The media twists everything. Obviously he meant that the only change from being engaged to being married is the paper work that they had to do.

  3. I agree with Rachel. I think the point is they’re in love and he didn’t necessarily need the paperwork and contracts to validate it. So that’s why he viewed that way. That’s just how I took it.

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