It’s the summer. The Olympics are over. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, The Jones delve into the slightly unhinged mind of author and comedian, Chris Gethard. Why does he keep a list of people that may kill him? How did he depress a room full of IFC executives? And why did he bring a tour bus full of people to see the couch where he lost his virginity? All that, plus partying with Andrew WK, nipple clamps, high-speed police chases, and Jiu-Jitsu classes with Georges St-Pierre.


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Comments (43)

  1. I’ll be the first to say it: Chris Gethard is no Leigh Ellis.

  2. Matty needs to stick with the Spanish intros; el Nada Jones forever.

  3. Worst Overdose ever. A complete waste of time and greenery. Shame on you Jones !

  4. This Blank Jones was bad and you should feel bad.

  5. i guess this is the first pod in awhile i wont listen to

  6. This episode sucked. More Leigh less crap.

  7. Four guys talking to someone on the phone for an hour should have been in the Bad Idea Jones.

    • Agreed. Chris Gethard is usually a funny guy, but to do the show entirely over the phone and talk a lot about depression was totally a bad idea. I like to think that if everyone was in the same room this would have gone better and would have been more freeform than a Matty O. book report / PSA. Oh well…

    • Unless its phone sex, you’re 100 percent right

  8. The Basketball Jones never seems to have a decent guest.

    Nothing is worst than the time they had the Free Darko guy on though.

    • lmao i forgot about that episode..

      I too have noticed a decline in quality in recent shows. It feels like there’s a certain element missing from the past and I don’t know if it’s the fact that the gang is getting older (especially Tas), or that a certain somebody would be better suited for behind the scenes…cough* Trey..No offense to Trey but now all i could think when I hear him is “your argument is invalid, you think Harden is cool”

  9. have to agree. this blank jones is right down there with the dating website jones.

  10. what was the intro Music!! i NEED it for my wedding video!!

  11. Amazing to me that this guy makes a living as a comedian let alone gets his own show and movie roles. Sounds more like he should be running seminars on chronic depression ….to each his own Being whipped, Having sensitive nipples, Naked dudes on stage and stalking an internet msg poster…not my idea of entertainment. He might tweet Kanye West but I’m telling him the truth here….he sucks

  12. ahhhh way to specific,its only funny if you know who the guy is :(

  13. Agree that this is the worst blank jones yet. Want to hear the guys talk about stuff, not some guy tell unfunny stories (Tas can do this in measure). What about your gf/wife’s friends, or my buddy grish jones, or tales of how ol’ jasper led you astray? Really you should just give in and have skeets try to explain how things in the world work for an hour.

  14. Man, I didn’t think it was that bad at all. I’m a bit of a comedy nerd tho… If anything I thought I should have been a little more personal so I could get to know him better.

    If you’re complaining about a comedian being a sad sack, you obviously don’t watch stand up. Pretty much all comedians are depr,essed You know tears of a clown type thing.

  15. So is the consensus to skip this one? I really don’t know Chris Gethard either

  16. Woah! I thought it was a good episode.
    Criminy! I can’t believe all the negative feedback.
    I didn’t know who he was either but he’s funny. I guess most TBJ fans want jokes with a punchline instead of a funny conversation (which is really what the overdose is right?). There’s something about him that reminded me of Rob Delaney and there are certainly worse comparisons out there in the world.

  17. After actually listening (I am the worst kind of person), I like this guy and I wish him the best

    Still disappointing to have a Blank Jones feel like the “Interview some random guy Jones”

  18. Although it was a departure from a typical Blank Jones episode (is there a typical Blank Jones episode?), I thought it was a quality show. There were points where I forgot I was listening to TBJ and thought I had somehow stumbled across a rare gem – someone speaking frankly about the effects of mania and depression, and how he had turned the experiences into something positive. I’ve found myself in Chris’ place before, becoming a slightly uncomfortable resource for a manic friend to turn to in a time of need. My own experiences with bipolar may not be bestseller material (although that time when I channeled Randle McMurphy comes close), but it’s definitely the case that mania sufferers walk a fine line between being entertaining and dangerous. If it’s true that so few people are willing to be that open on record, then he deserves even more applause than I am able to give as just one listener. (And yes, I am just one listener – multiple personalities is a completely different thing).

  19. I’ll take a pass on this one

  20. This episode was great, and reminded me that one of the reasons why I like the TBJ so much is that it made me notice the Chris Gethard Show. On the other hand, it’s pretty funny to imagine Chris Gethard reading this comment section.

  21. I enjoyed the episode a lot. I’m only bothering to comment about it because so many people are bringing the negativity. I guess haters gonna hate and whiners gonna whine. I can’t believe how entitled some people feel. I’m just thankful the jones is giving us a new cast every few days, its way better than waiting till the season starts up again.

  22. please never interview anyone outside the big 6 again, you guys are more interesting that people you interview

  23. You guys should do a Blank Jones about wrestling. Childhood memories, favorite wrestlers, WWE vs WCW, do you still watch today, etc.

  24. Just providing some feedback so that the show can improve here. This show was the least enjoyable blank jones I have listened to.

  25. I suggest the Raptor News Jones. Jus’ sayin’.

  26. I thought this dude was hilarious. I’d literally never heard of him before, but it was funny anyway. I dont know why all these people just want you to repeat stuff you’ve already done or have Leigh tell shit stories that go nowhere. It admittedly did get a little bit Osten-asking-questions dominated, but thats going to happen with interviews.
    All those same people wouldve been like “whoa man get rid of this aussie guy keep it just the originals man this guy isnt the same” when Leigh started. I just dont understand the kind of idiot who comments saying that he isnt going to listen to a podcast because he doesnt know the guest. if youre not going to listen to it, just fuck off and do whatever it is you do when you arent being a twat in a comments section.

  27. Getting ready to turn this podcast off.
    That would be a first for the blank jones and me.

    So yeah…Boo!

    The phrases “Got a lot of buzz” “Blowing up” and “Our music bookers reached out” had me sighing out loud.

  28. some funny moments but overall boring and kinda sad, “guest” blank jones haven’t been workin out

  29. and i agree with everyone where the hell was leigh

  30. Turned it off 10 minutes in. Worst blank jones ever

    Don’t let that little man host or pick guests. Guys the definition of a tool

  31. ive been listening for years, and this is the worst episode i can remember. couldnt get through all of it!

  32. I actually enjoyed it, which i didn’t expect after reading the comments first… not a hilarious show but interesting nonetheless.

  33. It was good. I enjoyed it. Internet comments are to be ignored.

  34. i thought it was an interesting episode. yes, light on the laughs, but a lot more enjoyable than i thought it would be after reading many of the comments. was more along the lines of a “wtf with marc maron” episode…

  35. Am I the only one who knows this guy from, and only from that ESPN Bus commercial with Paul Pierce and Melo.

  36. It seemed more an attempt to advertise our buddy’s show and career than anything else. That type of humour doesn’t appeal to me at all. I did listen to the whole show, and was wondering where Skeets and Tas were for about 45 minutes, it didn’t have the same “collective” feel of a standard overdose or blank jones, listening to Mat ask questions then occasionally Trey commenting made it seem no-one else was there. Who knows where Leigh was? you all have differing styles and humour and generally that adds more. Without all that it was quite a dull listen.

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