I’m glad we’re all getting a chance to watch this in the morning because that way we have an entire day to get these terrifying images out of our head and be able to sleep tonight. Do. Not. Like.

Sorry, Australians. You’re just going to have to power through. Maybe take an Ambien or something.

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  1. come on kerbyt the frog!
    you never saw “spittin image” the series from across the pound?
    you do really not know this kind of hilarious puppetry and satire of publice persons like politicians and other celebrities?

  2. It was done around the time he released his rap album. It’s parodying the fact that he was acting all gangsta without having anything to complain about in his life.

    Direct translation of a sentence of the video : “We gon’ crush all the appetizers of the club house”

    And yeah Trey, those scary puppets are on air since 23 years.

  3. We only had DC Follies and the “Land of Confusion” video to give kids puppet nightmares here…

  4. i thought we grew up with the same thundercats and chipmunks?
    so (to destroy my childhood dreams entirely) you where not that guy playing
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enwSyQo8d7k ????

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