When I saw this photo pop up on Skeets’ tumblr, I thought what most people probably think — wow, Chris Andersen has a lot of tattoos. And it’s true. He has a whole bunch, including a 303 chain and the beginnings of a Honky-Tonk wordmark across his abs. Good for him.

But then I thought about something else — does Chris Andersen have more tattooed skin than un-tattooed skin? And because I have Photoshop and it is my job to get to the bottom of important questions like this one, I decided to figure out the answer.

First things first, I took out everything that wasn’t tattoos.

Then I took his non-tattooed skin and gave it some color to make it easier to look at.

Then, finally, I used the histogram feature to estimate the number of un-tattooed pixels (38,514) as compared to the total pixels (68,981) to figure out what percent of his skin is plain.

Believe me, when I found out that Chris Andersen has less skin that is tattooed than skin that is not tattooed, I was shocked. But I used this very scientific method to figure it out, so it must be true. If he’s going to catch J.R. Smith, he needs to get to work.

(image via Pretty Tattooed Fierce Things)

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  1. Someone needs to write a NBA Tattoo coffee table book. Who wouldn’t buy this? It would have sections including:
    - Why players got particular tattoos (Kmart’s neck lips)
    - Most tatted up team ever (has to be the 09 Nuggets right?)
    - Most WTF tats (Marquis Daniels)
    - Most bad ass tat (I’d nominate Big Pek’s arm tat)
    - And a whole section making fun of Reggie Miller’s belly button tattoo.

  2. the dunking bulldog and the honkey tonk should be considered tattoo areas. i think you’re pushing into 50/50 at that point. then if you were to include the negative space between letters as tattoo space and remove the face as a tattoo option, you’d get much closer to jr swish.

  3. You forgot his star earring tattoos.

  4. This is very well done. Impressive Trey.

  5. Unfortunately, your methode is worthless. But cool, though ;-) It’s only for this pic, not for his body. And there, I guess, you got more a 70/30 ratio of tattoed/untattoed areas.

    His hands, his arms, the neck and I would bet the back are also full of tats. And that’s missing!

    So c’mon, lezgo and do it again. You’re on a good way ;)

  6. No chance of him getting a job in a family restaurant run by Leigh Ellis then.

  7. You’ve also included some skin colored tattoos in the non-tattooed portion of his body. Looks like you might have to clean that up a bit to get a more accurate pixel count.

  8. Did everyone forget his whole pedophile shit? Fuck Birdman

    • No, but we know that he was actually being extorted because we didn’t rush to judgment, unlike certain people named John.

  9. The “not” tattooed skin should not include skin that is part of a tattoos design, even though it does not have ink. For example the eagle on his right shoulder should be tattoo and not not tattoo.

  10. Great idea. The image is flat but our bodies are 3D. So as the body curves horizontally there are fewer pixels representing the same space. So the sides are underrepresented in your count. I see fewer tats on his side. So you should give more weight to the ‘not’. You could characterize the result as the Visual Front of his body. Again, well done.

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