We haven’t seen much of Derrick Rose since he blew out his ACL in the first game of last year’s playoffs. Besides seeing those pictures of him looking like the saddest boy on Earth, it’s just been little hints of his rehab and assurances that he’ll be back sometime next season.

Yesterday, it seems we found out why Rose has been so invisible. First, as you can see up top, he broke down in to tears at the launch of his new signature shoe, the adidas D Rose 3, just becoming completely overwhelmed by watching himself get hurt and then having to start rehabilitating his knee. If he’s crying and yelping his way through his thought in front of a bunch of media, then something tells me this isn’t the first time this has happened. Poor guy.

It got worse from there.

There’s Derrick Rose, NHL owner, locking out his players from playing hockey. You would think that after an injury-filled and lockout-shortened season that robbed Rose of 43 games of his prime the year after he was the league’s MVP, he’d do whatever he can to make sure the players on the hockey team he owns don’t miss out on any games. I was completely unaware Rose had bought an NHL team, but like I said, he’s been pretty quiet these last few months.

And then, as if a day of crying and making much-hated business decisions wasn’t enough, he had to go and get trampled by the Green Bay Packers.

Not only did the Bears lose like a bunch of jerks, they also lost their running back, Matt Forte, to a high ankle sprain. What’s worse, because he’s still recovering from his knee injury, Rose wasn’t even available to take Forte’s place in the backfield. Pretty much every important athlete in Chicago is injured right now, which is just super cool.

So yeah, tough day for Rose yesterday — crying because he had to watch himself get hurt again, then being outed for his role in the NHL’s lockout and then an ugly loss to his greatest rival on the gridiron. It’s a good thing the Cubs and Sox didn’t play, because I’m sure Rose would have found a way to get beaned in the head or keep Moises Alou from catching a fly ball or something else that’s terrible. Just one of those days.