We haven’t seen much of Derrick Rose since he blew out his ACL in the first game of last year’s playoffs. Besides seeing those pictures of him looking like the saddest boy on Earth, it’s just been little hints of his rehab and assurances that he’ll be back sometime next season.

Yesterday, it seems we found out why Rose has been so invisible. First, as you can see up top, he broke down in to tears at the launch of his new signature shoe, the adidas D Rose 3, just becoming completely overwhelmed by watching himself get hurt and then having to start rehabilitating his knee. If he’s crying and yelping his way through his thought in front of a bunch of media, then something tells me this isn’t the first time this has happened. Poor guy.

It got worse from there.

There’s Derrick Rose, NHL owner, locking out his players from playing hockey. You would think that after an injury-filled and lockout-shortened season that robbed Rose of 43 games of his prime the year after he was the league’s MVP, he’d do whatever he can to make sure the players on the hockey team he owns don’t miss out on any games. I was completely unaware Rose had bought an NHL team, but like I said, he’s been pretty quiet these last few months.

And then, as if a day of crying and making much-hated business decisions wasn’t enough, he had to go and get trampled by the Green Bay Packers.

Not only did the Bears lose like a bunch of jerks, they also lost their running back, Matt Forte, to a high ankle sprain. What’s worse, because he’s still recovering from his knee injury, Rose wasn’t even available to take Forte’s place in the backfield. Pretty much every important athlete in Chicago is injured right now, which is just super cool.

So yeah, tough day for Rose yesterday — crying because he had to watch himself get hurt again, then being outed for his role in the NHL’s lockout and then an ugly loss to his greatest rival on the gridiron. It’s a good thing the Cubs and Sox didn’t play, because I’m sure Rose would have found a way to get beaned in the head or keep Moises Alou from catching a fly ball or something else that’s terrible. Just one of those days.

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  1. Gotta start wondering about this guys toughness.
    He gets a lot of credit for being a quiet superstar, but it seems like every other time there is a mic in front of him he starts crying.
    Man up D-Rose. Theres no crying in basketball.

    • Yeah man, any sort of personality is for the birds. The best basketball players only grunt.

    • Come on, get real. This guy is from the hood. To be where he is, having his own shoe, having people hoping and cheering for his recovery… I’d probably well up too. He’s had friends killed in street violence, and he gets to make a living playing a game. If he was ballin’ out of control like Pacman Jones, we’d be ripping on him. I want to see more athletes act the way D Rose does, because that means we’ll have more role models and less a-holes.

      A lot of athletes come from the same type of background as D. Rose, not all of them handle themselves this well.

    • Tough guy.

      Get a life, son.

    • Why do you question d-rose’s toughness when you probably a twig compared to him? I mean come on “there’s no crying in basketball” thats B.s man! People cry when it comes to something that really means something to them! MJ cried when he won championships especially after the 93 finals b/c of his father. Just watch one day D-rose will be back!

  2. Just for context, Rose clearly mentions “everything that’s going on in the city…”.during that presser. Aside from his injury, I think he’s just overwhelmed/overjoyed to be in the position he’s in. Understanding that coming from where he’s from (the inner city of Chicago) and what’s been going on there recently (a huge spike in murders this summer), he was putting things in perspective and reflecting on how fortunate he is. However, I do think he’s an emotional dude and possibly to the detriment of being considered “tough”.

    • I’m not hating on anybody crying or being emotional, but he has got to control those emotions. He is a professional doing an event for his sponsor. Save the tears for Oprah or the next MVP ceremony. Or at least until he gets off stage.

      I wonder if him being such an emotional basket-case has anything to do with his FT shooting falling off a cliff in clutch moments.

      • No, but your willingness to call him an emotional basket case highlights your own personal flaws.

        Seriously, a guy who takes the game this personally, and takes his situation this seriously, is a Huge boon to a team. This is Kobe calibre seriousness; and it’s good for the company that hires him.

        You think a guy that puts this kind of weight on himself ISN”T going to take rehab seriously? Isn’t going to come back Better than before? Isn’t going to improve his jumper?

        Personally, it may make his emotional life difficult, and make it hard for him to sleep at night, or make him personally unhappy, but he is absolutely going to work his ass off for his franchise.

        You value the wrong things, guy.

  3. The way I see it, there’s no direct link between “being emotional” and “not being tough”. Allen Iverson was very emotional, yet he’s likely the toughest son of a *** I’ve ever seen on a basketball court, driven like nobody else.

    Among NBA superstars, he’s the less artificial of the bunch. You get the feeling he’s extremely honest and open about who he is and what he feels. I think it’s a VERY good thing we have a humble superstar (who seeks to destroy on the court anyways) in the NBA.

  4. really crying ? just show him his bank account statement and hell smile , if he’s crying what should i be doing, since i blew my career with a knee injury and now im cleaning toilets for a living?

  5. i’m pretty sure he’ crying over the 50 murders in the past month in chicago and the teacher strike. he’s feeling for the kids from where he grew up.

  6. the only comments you have to read on this page are
    from monty and tracy morgan. thx guys.

  7. derrick rose is a pussy haha

  8. I’d guess the guys who are posting and dissing D Rose probably only value the glib, soul-less, plastic stars of the NBA like LeBron with his ‘decision’ and his fake glasses (or D Wade, or Bosh, or Carmelo, etc etc). These are probably the same guys who’ll say LBJ is just like Jordan, which is such a joke to anyone who witnessed the greatest and most intense basketball competitor of all time. D Rose seems to me to be the genuine article, and the NBA needs more like him. Hell, I wish some of the Raps players would cry about getting back into the lineup when they’re hurt. I know when I was re-habbing my knee and there was a therapist yelling at me to lift more weight with my leg when I couldn’t even walk across the room without a cane, many times I wanted to punch someone in the mouth. I’d assume D Rose is working way harder than I ever did, and it takes a lot out of you. Here’s hoping he comes back this year.

  9. Athletic gifts and talent makes people look super human, but ultimately we all have emotional triggers. I’m convinced stars have to be jerks to protect themselves from public meltdowns.

  10. How can you dislike this?
    This dude has so much passion.

  11. The new Utah Jazz 2012-2013 official theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPfgyXujy84

  12. I’m going to call this a promotional stunt for his new shoe.

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