Whoa, you guys. Brace yourselves, because the 2012 Dwyane Wade Talking About Fashion Mega Tour Sponsored by Clothes just got real. So. Real.

From Maxim, bro:

During the finals, it seemed like you and LeBron were having a style contest with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook of the Thunder. Who do you think won?
It wasn’t even close. We’re way better dressers than they are.

Shots fired. I’m not even joking when I say this might be the biggest insult in the NBA this year. Calling out the Thunder for not being good at dressing, when they obviously care so much about dressing? That’s cold. I mean, Russell Westbrook went to Fashion Week, for Pete Chilcutt’s sake. These guys care about their clothes.

And Dwyane Wade is just going to act like the Heat destroyed the Thunder in the fashion game like they weren’t even trying? Wow. Serious, serious burn. The bad blood between these teams is REAL. Can’t wait to see these guys in another walk-off come next June. Let’s just hope no one gets hurt in the meantime because I want to see both wardrobes at full strength.

Oh, and because it’s mandated in his appearance rider, Dwyane Wade was asked about his glasses.

I dunno. Even LeBron seemed to think those “Dwayne Wayne” glasses went a bit far.
I was holding that in my back pocket for a while. I’ve been called Dwayne Wayne so many times over the years, and we were all going heavy with the glasses, so I thought I would really shut it down.

Yeah, man. Definitely shut it down. I imagine we’ll never ever see a pair of silly glasses at a postgame press conference ever again. That trend is dead for sure and there’s no way NBA players will see these flip-up lenses and take things even further, to a place no one wants to go. Thank you, Based Wade.

But now, between killing glasses and slamming the Thunder, he’s opened some wounds. How will Oklahoma City respond? I have some ideas, but it’s impossible to predict. All we can know for sure is that Russell Westbrook will surely have something up his sleeve and that that sleeve will probably be made from some garish fabric. Other than that, the sky is the limit.

(via Daily Thunder)