I hope you guys like Jay Leno, because this is the exact kind of story that you can fit in his monologues, I am guessing. I haven’t seen one of his shows in ages, but I have to imagine nothing has changed because nothing ever changes with him, except which denim shirt he’s going to wear. Nonetheless, let’s “Tonight Show” it up around here.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The Orlando Magic billboard featuring Kristi Slavin’s face shouted, “BE LOUD.”

And now she is.

Slavin has sued the basketball franchise, claiming it used a photo of her face and upper body — without her permission — in a marketing campaign. The picture, taken at the Amway Center during the Magic’s 2011 playoff run, shows the fan, now 30, in a Dwight Howard jersey, her arms raised and cheering.

The image appeared on light-post banners, in a tourist magazine and, enlarged, on the back of a Lynx bus.

The lawsuit, filed last month by Winter Park attorney Hank Hornsby, contends the Magic profited from the commercial and promotional use of Slavin’s face and body, but the team neither compensated nor consulted her.

And if being outed as a Magic fan in the post-Dwight era isn’t bad enough, people even had the gall to ask her if she’s a model now.

In the lawsuit, Slavin said the ads, banners and billboard have caused “uncomfortable and embarrassing encounters and questions” from friends, family and co-workers. The document alleges her public image was altered by the unauthorized use.

“People have asked her, ‘When did you get into modeling?’ ” Hornsby said.

Slavin is seeking “more than $15,000″ in damages and her lawyer contends that she was chosen as the face of the Magic’s campaign because she was young and attractive. If she wins this lawsuit — and considering the back of every NBA ticket explicitly grants the team “‘the irrevocable and unrestricted right and license’ to use the holder’s image in ‘any medium or context’ and specifically mentions promotional purposes ‘without further authorization or compensation’,” it could be tough — then she’ll have essentially been paid 15 grand to be the world’s most visible Magic fan for a year, just because she’s pretty. There could be worse outcomes.

In response, the Magic have chosen this guy as the star of their campaign for the 2012-13 season. Seems fitting.