It’s Monday morning. It’s the death throes of summer. Maybe you’re at work, but you really don’t want to be at work. Or maybe you’re headed to organic chemistry, and even though your crush is in that class, it’s still the Monday session of organic chemistry. Maybe you’re under the weather. Maybe you’re over the weather. Maybe you could use a nap. Maybe you overslept.

Whatever the case, why not just take George Karl’s advice to get together and feel alright? It’s pretty good advice. Just vibe out to him singing with The Originial Wailers and knowing most of the words to one Bob Marley’s most famous songs. It’s the best possible cure for a case of the Mondays. Even Garfield couldn’t stay mad after hearing these sweet, sweet sounds.


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  1. After seeing this video I think we can all agree that George Karl needs to record a Bob Marley cover album where all the proceeds go to throat cancer research. Everyone Wins!

  2. Awww man, I was expecting an E-40 song. JK.

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