“That’s like transferring from Duke and going to Carolina.”Grant Hill, on Steve Nash leaving the Suns to join the Lakers (the Clippers are Wake Forest, so no one cares)

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  1. where’s the adam morrison report!? big day for adam’s legions of fans. i mean, probably the most hipster player ever, playing for nba’s designated hipster white guy team! so happy right now. really hope they update the nba jam rosters. imagine a blazers team of adam morrison and bill walton! it’d be like the anti-shaq/kobe

  2. “the Clippers are Wake Forest, so no one cares”

    So true! lol.

    I’m also surprised at no AMMO news.

  3. Except the Suns never won anything, so they’re nothing like Duke.

    This guy really deserves some late attention!


  5. i wish to tell Mr. Hill that the Lakers don’t give a fuck :) fucking talking like he’s fucking Loyal.. fuck Grant Hill!

  6. I want to know if Grant Hill and Steve Nash are going to perish into dust now that they are leaving the Fountain of Youth in Phoenix.

  7. Grant Hill needs only to look in the mirror.
    We Magic fans remember him coming here
    sucking a large amount money.. While he was injured!!! We as an organization suffered with his injury and contract only to have him leave when he got well…. Self serving? Treason?
    What the hell!!! Shut up!!!

  8. I love Steve Nash and I really want him to win a championship, but Grant Hill isn’t wrong.

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