For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Blake Griffin would name his dog after Chandler Parsons — unless Blake is giving Chandler mad props for dunking on him — but I have used two-source verification to determine that this is true.

Source one — Chandler Parsons.

Meet Channy Griffin. @blakegriffin named his dog after me.

Source two — Blake Griffin.

My boy Chaney aka Freako Suave with the ears pulled back

Sure, the spellings may be different, but these are the same dogs, laying on the same shag carpeting, next to the same leather furniture that has a book called “Infiniti Pools” on top of it. So it must be true. Are these guys besties? Does Chandler Parsons have a dog named Blakey (or Blakie)? Did Blake Griffin just like the name “Chaney” and then Chandler Parsons stopped by and they both made “I named him after you” jokes? Is this dog’s nickname Miss Chanandler Dog? The world may never know.

All we know for sure is that Blake Griffin’s dog has Chandler Parsons’ name, which is enough for me to be convinced it’s because they both like dunking so much. That’s really great, as far as I’m concerned. Also, I want to wrestle with this dog, but that goes without saying.