There are a few things we all know about Jeremy Lin: 1) he plays professional basketball, 2) he slept on couches when he arrived in New York, 3) he had a bunch of great games post-couch, 4) he’s now a Houston Rocket. That’s not the entire Jeremy Lin story, but if that’s the base knowledge you’re working from, you’re going to be able to handle most casual Jeremy Lin conversations.

The couch thing is so big, in fact, that Lin revisited the meme upon arriving in Houston. Since Chandler Parsons did eventually let Lin crash on his couch, we needed some follow-up on how Parsons’ couch held up compared to the other couches Lin has graced. And that’s where we get the basis for Jeremy Lin’s inaugural couch power rankings. From the Houston Chronicle:

Determined not to let success change him, Lin spent his first night back in town sleeping on teammate Chandler Parsons’ couch, rating it just a touch behind his brother’s and well ahead of former Knicks teammate Landry Fields’.

After all the votes were tallied, here are the results.

JEREMY LIN’S COUCH POWER RANKINGS (first place votes in parentheses)

1. Josh Lin’s couch (1)
2. Chandler Parsons’ couch
3. Landry Fields’ couch
Also receiving votes: pink couch from “The Simpsons,” Tim Couch, Sigmund Freud’s couch

As you can see, voting for Jeremy Lin’s couch power rankings was pretty tight, and his brother’s couch should be proud to top the list. Check back next week (not really) for an updated list, assuming Jeremy Lin finally gets the furniture he ordered.

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  1. Both Landry Fields and Chandler Parsons are millionaires. How do they not have guest rooms?

    • Cuz they probably rent an apartment. Unless ur a superstar, purchasing a home in the city u play is probably foolish, specially if ur single. U’d have to pay property taxes, home owner’s insurance, pay for repairs, and since ur on the road a lot you’d be worried about somebody keeping an eye on ur house. If u rent ur landlord pays for repairs and u don’t need insurance and somebody’s keeping an eye on the property plus u won’t need to pay a realtor to sell ur house once u get traded

  2. what about harvey weinstein’s casting couch?

  3. I’ve been told I’m the sofa king.

  4. sofa king we todd did

  5. You must be very bored Trey.

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