Everybody is very excited for Jonas Valanciunas to join the Raptors, even after a kind of underwhelming Olympics that saw him battle foul trouble, pick-and-roll confusion and a coach who (understandably) didn’t care if he got better because he was trying to win a medal and not make sure the Raptors got a solid return on their investment. Still, rumors persist that Jonas would have been the No. 2 overall pick, behind only Anthony Davis, in this year’s draft, so people are pretty jacked.

And one guy in particular who should be super pumped is Jonas Valanciunas, who’s going to be a millionaire very soon. Except he doesn’t really care that he’s going to be set for life at the age of 20. From some Lithuanian news website called 15min.lt:

- What are you spending your first NBA paycheck on? A Cadillac, perhaps, like Martynas Andriuškevičius?

- I will pay severance to my former club. Then I’ll save. I’m joking. I don’t know yet what I’ll spend it on. All my thoughts are on basketball now.

Nothing more exciting than paying off debt and saving money when you’re 20 and getting your first enormous contract. Suze Orman would appreciate it, no doubt. This is the kind of maturity you want to see in your potential franchise cornerstone.

Not to mention, Raptors fans could get a little excited that he’s coming to Canada proclaiming that “all [his] thoughts are on basketball now.” Who wouldn’t love to hear that from a rookie? Sure, it would have been pretty fun to see Jonas Valanciunas rocking a gigantic, iced-out Jesus piece to and from games, but I guess it’s better that he’s just thinking about basketball. Once that second contract comes though, I’m expecting big things like putting down a down payment on a sensible house or investing in some low-risk mutual funds that will slowly grow over time. You know, really crazy NBA baller status type stuff.

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  1. I hope he buys milk, and a lot of it.

  2. I love how people think he’s gonna be 20 years old and loaded. 1st he’s gotta take care of that buyout. Than he’s gotta worry about canada’s enormous tax rates on half of his pay checks and all of his purchases. Then he’s gotta worry about taxes in the states where he plays on the road. As the 5th pick he’s probably getting something like 4 yrs 10 mil. Half of that’s gonna go up in smoke thru taxes. He’s got 5 mill. Let’s say he owes his former club half a mil. He’s down to 4 1/2 mil over 4 years. Since he’s new to canada he’s gotta rent/purchase property in a nice, safe area. Nice + safe = expensive. Let’s say he’s got something like 3 mil to spend after all that. 3 mil’s a lot of money but its not baller money. He’s going nowhere near lebron’s secret vegas spots…

    • A 20 year old with 3 mill to spend isn’t loaded?

      • It’s 3 million over 4 years. I’m not saying he’s starving but he’s not loaded either. I didn’t account for the 10% the agent takes either. That’s a million less. He’s probably gonna have a publicist, a personal assistant, chef, personal trainer. He’s not loaded

    • Wow, only 3 mil? How will he survive?

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