As you can tell from the headline and that picture, the San Antonio Spurs’ new alternate jerseys are very grey. Like, greyest uniforms in the league amounts of grey. (They are the only grey uniforms in the league, but still.) And if you look at Danny Green’s face, you’ll see the internet’s general reaction to the jerseys, which I interpret as “Ummm…those?”

The shorts are not bad. They don’t look like NBA game shorts, but more something like what you would buy at Champs to play pickup ball in, but they’re fine. Just some grey and black shorts. The new interlocked SA logo is a nice new thing for a staid team and I could see them looking cool with a jersey that’s basically just a grey flip of the standard Spurs look. That could work.

But that jersey? Not a huge fan, but they’re still better than the last time the Spurs tried something different. It’s cool that they went for something innovative, but sometimes that means you end up looking like you’re wearing practice/summer league jerseys or are a part of the Major League Baseball “Turn Ahead the Clock” promotion, and not in a good way. There’s a reason most teams don’t have just a logo on the front of their shirts, and that’s because there’s too much chest room for only a logo. You need to have a horizontal component or else it looks like you forgot something. In the Spurs’ case, it looks like they forgot the S-P-R-S.

Word on the internet street is that the Spurs are going to wear these about a dozen times this season, all at home. So that means get used to ‘em, especially because, as some people have pointed out these leave a lot of room for advertising, which is the wave of the future. Pretty soon all jerseys will just have a giant logo in the middle and ads all over the place. Can’t wait.