It’s not even the beginning of the preseason yet, so now is the perfect time to hear about how great your favorite team is going to be. Right now, everybody looks “as good as they’ve ever looked” with their “15 pounds of added muscle” and “explosiveness like back in their younger days.” Optimism is very high right now, as every team is expecting to improve and rough estimates place 10-13 teams in the playoffs in each conference. If you can’t get excited about your team right now, you’re probably a Bulls fan. And even they’re going to make the playoffs.

Ergo, it’s not surprising that Kevin Love would say a lot of good stuff about the Timberwolves. However, when you read it, it’s hard not to get super pumped up about the Timberwolves. From the Portland Tribune:

“It will be a big surprise to me if we didn’t make a huge leap this year and make it to the playoffs,” the Lake Oswego native told me Wednesday. [...]

“We’re going to have a chance to be very good,” Love said. “We’re hoping Brandon can stay healthy through 82 games. Kirilenko is a big addition. Shved hopefully is going to be a big deal for us.

“We’ll have more firepower in terms of veterans. Brandon and Andrei will help our locker room and on the court. It will make Coach Adelman’s job a lot easier.

“If everything is put together, if Ricky comes back healthy, we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.”

Yeah, the Timberwolves! Let’s do it!

Sure, Kevin Love mentions that the team needs two guys to be healthy, one who had a medical retirement a year ago and another coming off a blown-out knee, but still. And sure, even Kevin Love has to throw in a “hopefully” when bigging up Alexey “Whiskers” Shved, but still. And sure, he’s only hoping to make the playoffs and not even really do anything beside that, but still. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius the Timberwolves and I feel like you should be very, very thrilled about this if you’re one of their fans.

And I would say now is the ideal time to be excited, since once the season starts all of the “ifs” Kevin Love is describing are going to come true and the Timberwolves will have a bunch of guards who either have no knees or can’t do anything in the NBA. But this very moment, it’s good to be a Timberwolves fan.

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  1. I actually AM pumped about the wolves. Even thought they didn’t make the playoffs, they were my number one fun team to watch last year. Rubio is crazy exciting to watch, he’s just a nasty pass waiting to happen. The bummer used to be Beasley entering the game and killing the flow, I just hope Roy doesn’t inherit the job.

    • YEEEAAAAH! totally agree! aww man for once I am looking forward to december (I fucking hate winter), can’t wait for rubio’s return. when I first heard of him and saw him play in the olympics I kinda disliked him and all the hype surrounding him, but he completely won me over and, for me at least, more or less singlehandedly turned the wolves into the most fun team in the league.
      I just hate the fact that whoever’s in charge of the transfer-policy now seems to try to turn the wolves into an all-white team, which actually bums me out. I hate the thought that the wolves might become the favourite team of every stupid racist nba fan by default. thank god they still have a lot of foreigners ^^

  2. Can we drop the Alexy and Shved parts and just call him Whiskers? I hope so. Can you imagine, Pretty Tricky Ricky and Whiskers in the back-court together at the very same same time?!

  3. I’m buying the Snow Pups playoff birth, sellin World Peace on 73 wins with him on the floor.

  4. 15 pounds of added muscle! Shout out to Lang Whitaker!

  5. Most teams are successful if their stars are healthy. If Kobe and Dwight are healthy, the Lakers will have a good season. If they aren’t, the Lakers won’t be as good.

    I’m excited to see the Wolves run Adelman’s Princeton offense. Adelman mostly used high pick-in-rolls last year because of the shortened season/new team. Wolves fans only truly caught glimpses of the offense during the 135 total minutes Brad Miller was subbed in. Adelman loved letting Brad do his thing.

    But now Adelman had an off-season to get the players he thinks will fit his offense (wings like Budinger, Roy, AK-47, Shved to match the ballhandlers he already had in Ricky, Luke and Barea) and an entire training camp to teach the nuances of his offense to the crew. Get ready for some TOTAL BASKETBALL

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