You’re likely wondering how someone can be good and bad at disguises at the same time? And that’s a fair thing to wonder, considering good and bad are complete opposites, especially when it comes to disguises. You’re either fooling people or they know you’re wearing a disguise. There’s not much middle ground.

Unless you’re Detroit Pistons rookie Andre Drummond, I guess. From the Detroit News:

Considering he’s still of college age, spending time [at a Michigan State football game] isn’t a stretch and despite his size, he isn’t recognized by everybody just yet. He left from his seats and went to the student section, where he felt right at home.

“I had fun, my seats were boring. It was fun being around different people,” he said.

He couldn’t quite get away unseen, though, a reminder that he’s in a different world.

“I had shades on and a hat, I was trying to blend in then I realized it was nighttime,” he said, laughing. “Everybody kept calling me (Michigan State’s) Adreian Payne. One kid recognized me and then everybody started following me.”

That, my friends, is how you achieve the rare feat of being both good and bad at disguises — by wearing a disguise so ostentatious that everyone still recognizes that you are in disguise, while still being disguised enough to fool people in to thinking you are someone else. Truly an amazing feat.

This is especially hard to do when you are a giant, though all the short people around are probably just thinking, “Whoa, that guy is huge. He must play basketball.” Once you get past that 6-foot-8 barrier, pretending to be someone else is pretty easy, I guess. Nice work, Mr. Cool Disguise.