You never know when you are going to end up at a concert (UGH) where Phoenix Suns point guards both old and new show up (UGH). That’s why it’s a good idea (UGH) to always have a rap about those guys prepared (UGH), unless you fancy yourself a freestyler like this guy. In fact, it’s not a bad idea (UGH) to do so for every NBA team (UGH), just in case. Better safe (UGH) than sorry (UGH).

P.S. Steve Nash is bad at beat-boxing.

(via Beyond the Buzzer)

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  1. Tell me how my nash taste?

  2. Starbury. K.J., Blonde J. Kidd, and of course Eliot Perry inspired a song.Artest to World Peace showed me right from wrong. got the Bimbo Coles ladies offering B.J. Armstrongs. Sure to wear that Jimmer or that GP Glove. Show em that A.C. Green, they can’t get no love.

    -in other news, Is Darko now FREE that he’s good for 5 fouls on the C’s?

  3. steve nash is very good at rapping.

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