You might have assumed that once JaVale McGee was traded away from the echo chamber of goofs that was the Washington Wizards that his innate hilarity would be toned down a bit. But nope. Hardly the case. Since heading to the Mile High City, we’ve seen JaVale chuck a game ball to his mom, show off his fingerstache and throw a burrito party that nobody came to. It’s good to know that some things never change.

Like, for instance, that JaVale McGee still has his Segway. You know, the one he took through a McDonald’s drive-thru in the middle of the night. He still has it and he still rides it and that is still really great. Thumbs up for JaVale.

But now we’re left wondering — if he’ll Segway in D.C. and he’ll Segway in Denver, where else will JaVale McGee Segway? As expected, TBJ has the answers.

On the Great Wall of China

On Rainbow Road

On ze autobahn

On ze cover of Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn”

During an episode of “Arrested Development”

With Boris Diaw on the way to the original Chipotle in Denver

While co-hosting the 2003 MTV Movie Awards with Justin Timberlake and Seann William Scott

While getting back on defense

Obviously, the Segway is very handy, unless you are the former CEO of Segway. Put the right wheels on it and you can ride it anywhere. And that’s exactly where you come in. Feel free to show us where else JaVale can ride his Segway and leave it in the comments or on Facebook. It’s the transportation of the future — the Dippin’ Dots of personal transport, if you will — so we all need some great ideas for where to go. Let’s see ‘em.

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  1. I was thinking Baby Park instead of Rainbow Road.


    Javale in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  3. Does anyone think that JaVale will be able to make the jump shortcut on Rainbow Road?

  4. “ze” is not a german word, bro. How do you even come up with shit like that? “Der” would be the correct article for Autobahn.

    • chill bro. “ze” is just making fun of the most germans being unable to pronounce “the” because of “th”.

      • And it is also not “der” Autobahn but “die” since Autobahn is feminine.

        • You’re right. I wrote “der” because of the preposition “on”. Ach, scheiß drauf. Du weißt, was ich mein, Digga.

          • You can’t get offended for being ze butt of jokes my friend, that’s what ze Germanz are for.

          • Well, that and bearing the brunt of the bailing out of every debt-ridden southern European country, as a Belgian I feel your pain on that one ;)

  5. The most “Javale McGee” thing for him to do would be to ride it on a treadmill.

  6. It is absoletly okay to make fun of germans not being able to pronounce the TH right……i am german!and even they speak good english this is somehow a problem you encounter very often.

    it is somehow not at all funny when trey does it because
    a. he is not funny and sometimes really akward in the show
    b. an american who is not really open minded to the european/german/other cultures (see the “spittin image” case) and then just respreads all the cliches he has about other countries he give a ish about and doesnt really want to get to know.

  7. Sorry for Miss Pickin you again kerbyt the frog but truth needs to told ;)

  8. ……………………be…………………….

  9. PLUS….yikes…best proof!
    it is a picture of a road in austria!
    not a german autobahn!
    ähm….austria….ähm…another country…ähm…not germany….

    • It’s not TK’s job to be PC, his job is being funny about basketball, he’s great at that in his blog posts, but his comedic timing in the show is a bit off.

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