Good news, Knicks fans. Your new center is already ready already for his return to the NBA after two years of being in chill mode. From the yelling at referees to the going through an entire clip set without posting up to the fact that he can throw down a 360 which I didn’t even know was possible before he had a belly, he looks just like he did when he left the NBA. That’s your call on whether or not that’s a good thing, but it’s certainly true. Congratulations.

(via Dime)

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  2. That’s how Philly get down. You’re either bully, or gettin bullied. There is no middle ground. Shout out to Southwest Philly.

  3. Would rather complain and lose than keep quiet and win

  4. I think Cliff Robinson needs to pass the “uncle” baton over to Sheed. Uncle Sheed sounds right.

  5. well you know… they don’t get drug tested in the retirement land lol

  6. I watched that entire video with the biggest smile. A grown man acting like a child. Oh how I love me some sheed.

  7. was that Fat Fingers Felton playing on the white team?

  8. God old Sheed. He should form a BBall League with Reality TV coverage along with the likes of Charles Oakley, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, Allen Iverson… Now that would make not a good, but great TV.

  9. The trash-talking clip should be renamed ‘Wallace & Vomit’…

    The Knicks wouldn’t be the Knicks, if they can’t get Sheed on their roster come opening night, based on the strength of this ‘workout’…

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