Years from now, when we live on space stations and talk via brain-to-brain interfaces, we’ll tell our astro children about the time when Chris Paul was a Laker (and when they ask what a Laker is, we’ll tell them it was an Earth basketball team full of humans, which they will probably process before retreating to their galaxy pods for a game of planetball). It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. And then it was all over two hours later. But still, he had some great moments as a Laker.

As we all know, after the trade was rescinded, Chris Paul ended up a Clipper, leaving the Lakers with a whole bunch of players who could be traded in the future if the NBA’s best center should happen to hit the market after the Lakers had already acquired a top flight point guard. And as we all know, that’s exactly what happened. And for that, Snoop Dogg is very happy. From the Los Angeles Times:

“We want to thank Commissioner David Stern for vetoing the Chris Paul trade and allowing us to get Dwight Howard,” Snoop said. “I didn’t like it before, but right now I’d like to personally thank him from the city of Los Angeles to open up the Dwight Howard trade. We got what we needed, so thank you Commissioner.”

For a while there (less than a year), it seemed like things might not end up going totally and completely the Lakers’ way. But then, shock of all shocks, the Dwight Howard ended up going exactly how everything expected. All because David Stern decided to rescind a trade for the first time ever.

Yeah, maybe it cost the Lakers a season of Kobe Bryant’s prime, suffering through having to play with two jerks who are only in the top five at their positions instead of just one of them alongside a top five player in the league, but I think they’ll agree that this whole situation worked out just fine, as it tends to for the Lakers. Even when things don’t work out for the Lakers, they still work out for the Lakers. If Snoop Dogg can see through the haze to realize that’s the case, it must be true.