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On today’s show, The Basketball Jones draft movies in six oddly specific categories: The films of M. Night Shyamalan, Musicals, Three-quels, the “Certified Rotten” Films of Nicholas Cage, Fringe Sports, and Robot Movies. Is it fair to call “The Big Lebowski” or “Point Break” sports films? Was Robocop actually a robot? What about Tony Stark’s Iron Man? Which Shyamalan film has the best, um, twist? All that, plus the Goo Goo Dolls, Dave Coulier, Ewoks, Hobbits, James Bond, the most overrated musical of all-time, and SPOILER ALERTS!

Come see The Jones live in Toronto along with Jemele Hill (ESPN), Elliotte Friedman (CBC), Greg Wyshynski (Yahoo! Sports), and many other sports writers, bloggers, and executives at BWB5.


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  1. Ok how did no one pick South Park the musical!! Crazy ovetsight!

  2. Lion King is NOT a musical…

    • Across the Universe would be my pick for a true Musical….not sure if Rock Opera counts as a musical but Pete Townsends Tommy would be a contender.

    • See below, Sodapop.

      PS- Don’t be mad at Darry for not letting you fight in the rumble.

  3. And also how did no one even mention Rocky 3 in the sequels!

  4. Sorry for spamming your blog but Skeets you haven’t seen Kick Ass? That is an awesome movie!!

  5. Love Matt-O’s channel a great balance. If he had just gone with unbreakable…

  6. Can’t beliebe Dodgeball didn’t even get an honorable mention in the fringe sports category… weak!

  7. I love how taking back my shout out, essentially gives me another shout out. All’s fair though, I cheated the system.

    The films of M. Night Shyamalan: Signs
    Musicals: Newsies
    Three-quels: Once Upon a Time In Mexico
    The “Certified Rotten” Films of Nicholas Cage: The Family Man
    Fringe Sports: Tin Cup (best golf movie, ever)
    Robot Movies: I, Robot

  8. Across the universe would be my Musical choice….I think Tommy might fall in that category although most people call it Rock Opera…

  9. Fringe sports movies, ever watched All.I.Can, Art of Flight or Where the Trail Ends. These three movies are incredible.

  10. Anybody else wish they videotaped these? I know it would be tough for Trey to put on pants, but I don’t think I’m alone on this one.

  11. Best Fringe Sports Movie: Forever Strong

  12. Musical wise, what about Reefer Madness, or even Sweeney Todd?

  13. M Night Shamalamadingdong: Wide Awake – because I don’t know anything about it

    Musicals: Fiddler on the Roof – Matt c’mon

    Three-quels: The Dark Knight Rises – I know it’s new but I loved it

    Nicholas Cage: Easily – ‘The Wicker Man’ – If you doubt check out –

    Sports: Bloodsport – I WIN!

    Robot Movies: Blade Runner – sorry people – spoiler

    And on a side note

    Back to the Future III is good
    The Bourne movies suck.

    • But can you confirm that you told me the ending to Unbreakable?

      • I actually have no recollection of that event so I can’t confirm or deny. I do remember feeling like the movie had some cool elements but was ultimately underwhelming. But when compared to the M Night movies that followed it’s his ‘Taxi Driver’

  14. Fringe Sports Movie- Ladybugs?!?!?

  15. Wait, does Herbie the Love Bug count as a fringe sports movie?

  16. Leigh, you killed your musical selection.
    Matty, JD, Lion King is not a musical.

  17. How did no one pick Cool Runnings for the sports movie??

  18. And for the three-quel, you gotta go with Bill and Ted’s 3rd movie! It hasn’t been made yet, but you gotta draft the rights for it, the way the Celtics drafted the rights for Larry Bird a year before he came into the NBA.

  19. Can’t believe nobody chose or mentioned the “Iron Giant” in the robot movie category.

  20. Sneaky pick for the Robot category—Aliens (Bishop).

  21. no love for Happy Gilmore?

  22. I hope that in your discussion about categories the idea of a Wayan’s Brothers category came up somewhere. White Chicks, Little Man, Dance Flick, etc.

  23. Matt had the best channel…but he’s such a dick

  24. Great show. Laughed out loud often. And now I can’t get that f’n Peter Cetera song out of my head.

  25. Under sports movies, how about Warrior or The Fighter? Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale were excellent. And how about Dodgeball???

  26. Really hope I’m not too late for this. Here is an image gallery that I saw on the front page of reddit of Nicolas Cage being photoshopped into just about every big movie. It’s so seamless too!

  27. I fist pumped when Skeets picked Short Circuit. Johnny Five is aliiivvve

  28. How was dodgeball not the top choice for fringe sport?

  29. Wait a goddamn second fellas, how can you miss 3 of the greatest fringe sports movies of all time…

    1.) The Wizard with a top of his game Ben Savage taking his Asperger brother to win a video game tournament and play the never before seen Super Mario Brothers 3. Where fucking Mario FLY’s! Not to mention the introduction of the Nintendo “Glove” the most horrible nintendo controller ever made.

    2.) Over the Top where a svelte Sly Stallone does his best impression of a horrible father by taking his son with him on a road trip to win an arm wrestling tournament,. Also a great cameo by the awesome Bam Bam Bigelow as the villain. Plus how do you not turn you’re hat backwards & put your fingers over the thumb when you’re arm wrestling.

    3.) No Holds Barred starring Hulk Hogan at the Apex of his Hulkamaniac powers and also the introduction of Zeus aka D-Bo and the start of a weird movie/wrestling storyline that went straight from the movie to the ring..

    Other than these glaring snubs, great podcast fellas!!!!

    • Thank you! I came to post only to pay homage to the snubbed Over the Top.

    • Osten will hate this, but “The Wizard” is actually my second favorite movie of all-time. Had a HUGE crush on Jenny Lewis.


      • The Wizard is goddamn amazing. You skeets are not alone in loving it. Plus only during the late 80′s could 3 kids just go hitch hiking across america to a video game championship & not have a story line be about them getting rape or killed.

        Jenny Lewis was a bad chick for a 10 yr old Plus where else do you get a Christian Slater cameo for no reason..

  30. Trey wins.
    Rocky 1
    Toy Story 3
    Blade Runner

    Are you shitting me?

  31. Just based on what hasn’t been picked.

    M Night: Lady In The Water (by default)

    Musicals: The Wizard Of Oz

    Three-quels: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith (which I think is better than Return of The Jedi)

    Nic Cage: National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

    Fringe Sports: COOL RUNNINGS (The Ben Wallace of this draft)

    Robot Movies: Transformers

  32. I can’t believe West Side Story and Newsies went undrafted. Huge upside to both.

  33. Guys. Fringe sports. Invictus. Seriously one of the greatest movies period.

  34. 2 fringe sports movies that deserve at least an honorable mention: Disney Channel Original Movies Brink and Johnny Tsunami.

    Does Airborne count as a fringe sports movie? Roller Blading is the main focus, but they do also play ice and street hockey. Tough call.

  35. Breaking it down!

    1st Place
    Toy Story 3
    The Music Man (Haven’t Seen)
    Gone in 60 Seconds (Haven’t Seen)

    2nd Place
    Terminator 2
    Bourne Ultimatim
    Lion King
    Teladega Nights
    The Village
    National Treasure (Haven’t Seen)

    3rd Place
    Star Wars: A New Hope
    Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
    Con Air
    Karate Kid 2
    The Happening

    4th Place
    6th sense
    Goldfinger (Haven’t Seen)
    The Hurricane (Haven’t Seen)
    Ghost Rider (Haven’t Seen)

    5th Place
    Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    The Last Airbender
    Blue Crush (Haven’t Seen)
    The Weather Man (Haven’t Seen)

    6th Place
    Mulan Rouge
    Snake Eyes
    Jackass 3D (Haven’t Seen)
    RAD (Haven’t Seen)

  36. Would 127 Hours count as a sports movie?

  37. I regret taking “Jackass 3D” over “The Dark Knight Rises.” JD’s passionate hate for the latter movie scared me.

    • Agreed. DKR would have been your best movie on your list. If you replace Jackass 3D with DKR, Your list would have been my third favorite.

  38. Robot Category, iRobot and the Transformers series cmon guys

    • Transformers series? The second and third movies were god aweful. The first movie was really good however.

      I would have picked Alien or Aliens. Ian Holmes as Ash and Lance Henriksen as Bishop. Both main characters and both amazing movies.

      Also, I know a lot of people hate Prometheus, but Michael Fassbender was the second most important character and I liked that movie.

  39. Bourne supremecy was good and the music in 8 mile is crucial, the climax is the rap battle

  40. Like austins and leighs lists… Toy story 3 is very overrated, 2 is better (but I know they couldnt pick it)…

    I’ll defend the village, the twist isn’t important (and there’s 2 anyhow) its just a good movie…

    Some solid nic cage movies are rotten! (con air, gone in 60 secs)…

    Probably would have gone Sweeney Todd, but I think u made the right call on the lion king being in (although Aladdin has more memorable tunes)…

    Overall this was by far one of the best blanks, well done guys, you could totally just do another 6 categories and it would be fun as hell…

    Like: Aliens franchise movies (or maybe just scifi)
    Music industry movies (like hustle and flow, crossroads (either one) or honey, dream girls etc)…
    Boat films
    “found footage” films or mock-umentaries
    Non US movies ?

    I don’t know… Bet u can do better than this :-)

  41. My musical pick would have been Blue Brothers, but I also really liked Little Shop of Horrors. Steve Martin and the alien plant that ate humans were both awesome.

  42. Funny Blank Jones, probably the best. Could’ve thrown Keira Knightly some love “Bend It Like Beckham” was watchable.

  43. Oh god these are all awful, but the criteria sort of set up for that. I mean when 1/2 of the possible programming is taken up by Nic Cage, Monoj, and a musical it seems like shit’s going to be unwatchable #TruthbyJay

  44. Anyone see Diggstown? Fantastic boxing movie with a twist! We all know Matt loves twists.

  45. I agree with a couple people about West Side Story being quite a snub in the Musicals category, and I would hazard to put The Nightmare Before Christmas in Musicals as well. As regards Fringe Sports, a horrendously underrated movie is King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. Steve Wiebe’s tale of Donkey Kong supremacy is the perfect “fringe” sport and Billy Mitchell is one of the great villains of our time. I can’t argue much with the Nick Cage or Threequel picks (GOD I WISH THE ROCK WAS UNDER 60% ON RT).
    I would also throw Fear of a Black Hat out there for Musicals if it gets past the Spinal Tap criteria of exclusion. Not too many twists for the Shyamalan category, but how could you guys forget about 2001: A Space Odyssey for the Robots category? HAL is a damn memorable robot/computer. Barring that, I’d indeed take Blade Runner or Metropolis. Overall, I’m tuning into Leigh’s station, he really pulled it out with Con-Air. Close second is Trey.

    • Ugh, I had a longer comment the site ate. Anyway, great call on King Of Kong and Metropolis. A fresh Cage movie that’s criminally underrated is Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.

      My picks
      Fringe Sport: King Of Kong
      M Night: Don’t know/care
      Musical: Little Shop Of Horrors (80s)
      Threequel: Return of the King
      Rotten Nic Cage: Wicker Man/Season of the Witch
      Robot: Any one of Metropolis/Day the Earth Stood Still (50s)/Blade Runner

  46. Can’t really fault Skeets for the Rad pick, but I woulda gone with North Shore in the fringe sports catergory. The champion of an Arizona wave pool conquers the worlds surfing mecca…you don’t get that kind of screen writing gold anymore.

  47. Matty, killing the sassy rebuttals lol.

  48. The films of M. Night Shyamalan: 6th Sense
    Musicals: School of Rock
    Three-quels: Oceans 13
    The “Certified Rotten” Films of Nicholas Cage: Gone in 60 seconds
    Fringe Sports: Either Rounders or Happy Gilmore
    Robot Movies: Wall-e

  49. How did no one choose Batteries not Included for robot movies?

  50. Patiently awaiting Trey’s Chris Paul/C3P0 photoshop.

  51. Fringe Sports Movies:
    Fast and Furious
    Shaolin Soccer

  52. Woah woah woah woah. How did you guys screw up fringe sports so badly? Raging Bull, Breaking Away, Rollerball, Kingpin, that youtube clip of Blake Griffin trying to be a professional table tennis player . . . disappointing

    Mostly Raging Bull

  53. Station Name:

    Fringe sport movie: Cool runnings
    The films of M. Night Shyamalan: 6th Sense
    Musicals: Across the Universe
    Three-quels: Lord of The Rings
    The “Certified Rotten” film : Knight Rider

    Robot Movies: The Iron Gaint

  54. Great one, might have picked Matrix for the Robot movie, don’t know if it qualifies. Bad guys are all robots right?

    I’d love to hear a sequel to this with actual categories like Drama, Action, Sports, Cartoon etc.

  55. My musical is Dave Chappelle’s Block Party.

  56. A Karate Kid fan here.
    Karate Kid 3 was the one where Ralph Macchio trained with a different teacher and he defends his title that he won in the first one.

  57. I am completely shocked that The Wozard of Oz wasn’t picked. If anyone picked that they would’ve blown everyone out of the water.

  58. Matty O is the winner in my books…just for T2 and Talladega

  59. I laughed way too hard when Trey yelled out “Crossroads” during the musicals draft and no one seemed to catch it…

  60. are documentary movies allowed? if so, i’m taking “senna” in fringe sports.

  61. Taking movies as if I was the 7th pick in all drafts:

    M Night: Lady in the Water (by default)
    Musicals: South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (alternatively: The Brave Little Toaster)
    Threequels: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    Certified Rotten Nicholas Cage: The Wicker Man
    Fringe Sports: Chariots of Fire
    Robot Movies: 2001: A Space Odyssey (HAL 9000 must count, period)

  62. Speaking of RAD, unfortunately a shitty Australian beer has made an even shittier TV ad that uses one of the great songs from the movie – “Thunder in Your Heart” by John Farnham.

    Bonus laugh for our North American friends – check out how the Aussie says “No way!” when the cop tells them to pull over at 30sec

  63. I get 7th pick each round

    M Night: Devil
    Musical: Once
    3quel: Matrix Revolution
    Nic Cage: fuck this guy
    Sports: Murderball
    Robot: Aliens

    • No. Try again. M Night did not direct Devil. And you can’t pass on Nic Cage.

      Good call on Murderball though.

      • really thought I could sneak that one in but JD shut me down. Devil was actually a nice little “bottle” movie.

        I can’t get into Nic Cage at all, I would have taken 60 seconds but Trey got it off the board.

  64. Totally agree with Matt’s rulings on Musicals and the difference between robots and cyborgs…to quote Marshall from How i met your mother “lawyered”!

    The Lion King is defintely a musical…

    a) there is alot of singing in it

    b) the songs are part of the plot

    c) the characters often sing instead of saying lines, and the plot and story lines are driven by the songs

    There is a difference between the above, and other movies, where there are just songs in it and they have no relation to the story line.

  65. no idea if it’s as cult-y and popular in the US as it is in germany, but I guess not since no one in this entire comments section, let alone the podcast has gone all hipster on everyone and completely killed the fringe sports category by choosing fucking ONG BAK! THE WORST AND MOST ENTERTAINIG FRINGE SPORTS MOVIE OF ALL TIME! it’s basically a video game gone movie, a plot that consists entirely of muai thai boxing (or whatever this is called) and THEY ACTUALLY HIT EACH OTHER!
    I swear to god, this movie is a stoner’s dream. check it out, it’s totally stupid and awesome:

    • oh and also i’m kinda surprised that neither trey nor matty considered The Beatles’ Help! for the musical category. or tas, since he hates musicals (as do I) and this is a fringe-musical/slapstick 60ies piece of awesomness. also the beatles were high in it literally all the time, so that’s pretty fun.

  66. Another overlooked sports movie is The Fighter – a recent classic.

  67. QUESTION – Can we get ‘Drive’ into the fringe sports section?

  68. Oh lord, Skeets’ list is TURRIBLE

  69. The sports movie has GOTTA be ‘Dodgeball’

    If only for the classic line:

    If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball’

  70. I presume Leigh has given up Australian passport, how could he not mention the old Aussie rules footy movie ‘the club’ in fringe sport category

    Also Leigh you could have seen and raised Skeeter’s Rad choice and gone with BMX Bandits

    As for a robot choice, Bill & Ted’s bogus journey seems a good tbj choice

    And sorry, yes the Matt channel would be ordinary

    • @Joe – I thought about entering “The Club” as my fringe movie, but I didn’t think a movie based on a VFL team made in 1980 would have been my strongest offering.

      Also, during our pre-show chats, I actually mentioned BMX Bandits, but again, nobody had even heard of it, even though it had Nicole Kidman and her wild ginger-fro featuring largely.

      - Leigh

      • I have heard of it — and watched it — and it’s not even close as good as the much better BMX movie “Rad.”

      • @Leigh since when did relevancy, awareness, knowledge, or this case seeing a movie have an impact on the Jones’

        One must always play their trump card, The Club would taken u to top spot Lee (

        As for Nicole v RAD, the skinny skeetey man has NO idea, RAD is just a cheap Canadian knock off, made 3 years later after the original Australian BMX Bandits masterpiece

  71. Loved this podcast.

    Not surprised to see so many comments.

  72. No mention of Dodgeball or “Balls of Fury”???

  73. Impressed by the JCVD “Hard Target” reference from Osten. It’s hard enough to differentiate between JCVD movies, but to pull it out to question if it’s a fringe sport movie… shouldn’t be overlooked.

    • No doubt not as impressed as you would have been if he’d dropped a Surviving the Game reference.

      “Always check the barrel…”

      I have wasted my life.

  74. How is Baseketball not in the sports movie list?! I am disappointed in you guys. Especially Leigh, Karate Kid 2 was the WORST.

  75. Fight Club!!!!!! Fringe Sport

  76. Actually in Terminator 2, Arnold bleeds.

    Ergo, cyborg.

  77. Man, I don’t know what I took hardest: that Breaking Away wasn’t even mentioned as a runner up in sports movies, or that only one commenter has mentioned it so far. I feel like a pilgrim in an unholy land.

    Also, is it just me or has Oh Brother Where Art Though not been mentioned in either blog or comments. Absolutely a musical, and absolutely should have been taken.

    Horrifying. The only thing sustaining me is the Crossroads reference. Steve Vai + Ralph Maccio = WIN.

  78. My favourite Three-quel will be the “TBJ Movie Draft Three-quel”… coming soon surely.

  79. Sweeney Todd – Demon Barber of Fleet St should have garnered some musical discussion.

    • also, you mentioned the word “bloodsport” during the gladiator discussion but didn’t choose the van dame movie? oversight!

  80. Some questions: Do future sports count? If so, would The Running Man, Hunger Games, etc. have been eligible? And does anything Hayden Christensen starred in count as a movie with a robot as a main character?

  81. Sister Act 3 for the trilogy category

  82. Warrior for fringe sports

  83. Shyamalan: Sixth Sense
    Musical: Once
    Threequel: DKR
    Nic Cage: The Weather Man (which is fantastic, by the way, and somehow directed by the guy who did the Pirates series)
    Fringe sports: Warrior (if only for the bookend National songs; tough, though, considering the underrated Cinderella Man)
    Robot movie: Blade Runner (although you could easily put The Iron Giant, the animated Transformers movie, and even Aliens on a technicality here – also, Westworld?)

    The truth is we’re all winners here, though, since nobody mentioned Bicentennial Man.

  84. Vengeance trilogy anyone? And maybe do a actor/actress draft? I also like the west side story for musical.

  85. Trey had the best movies

  86. Great Jones guys. I’ll give Osten first place with Kerbs a close second (mostly because of Bladerunner).

    I’m shocked no one even mentioned the sound of music, even in the comments here, let alone picked it. It and Charlie and the chocolate factory (the original) are way better musicals than anything that was chosen.

  87. Guys, Sean Connery is in Indiana Chonesh and the Lasht Crushade! But then again, Brad Miller wasn’t drafted, either.

  88. The wicker man two birds one stone nick cage and m. Night. Worst nic cage movie ever

  89. No love for Million Dollar Baby as a fringe sports movie?

  90. No love for Trapped In Paradise for Nic Cage movie?!? I’m telling ya – it will change your life. It is permanently on my list of bad Christmas movies playlist every year.

  91. If anyone’s reading down here, I’d just like to add that the definition of a “fringe” sports movie and the 4 major sports should be considered different. Namely because there have been more movies about the “fringe” sport of boxing than movies about football, hockey and basketball combined. I bet if you did a count only Baseball could challenge Boxing for number of movies.

    Other than that, great podcast, one of the best of the off-season!

  92. john travolting. olivia neutron bomb. you guys are nene hilarious.

  93. Some one has probably mentioned this but where are woodstock, blue brothers, viva las vegas, hard days night ?

  94. Matt O. is ridiculous on this one… 8 Mile isn’t a musical but Lion King is? FOH

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