Sure, the upshot of this whole thing is that the Mavericks are sending a Dirk Nowitzki bobblehead in to the very nearest reaches of outer space with a camera — which is a pretty chill idea, by the way — but the important thing is that you get to listen to Dirk Nowitzki describe outer space and that is basically why the internet exists. He’s our generation’s Carl Sagan, just with better hair.

(via Mavs Moneyball)

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  1. Trey, you misspelled Dirks last name in the header!

    Dirk is chill as always!

  2. Don’t be to harsh on him!
    He started now to be more keen on the investigative details and the access to other cultures/countries/languagues and this was just a slip up.

    p.s.: the next time you might want to riducule the great ellis again and his love for australian football / rugby (yep i mix it together) watch this………..

  3. Yes, I will watch a video with that title.

  4. “Send Delonte” is the best part of this.

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