Whether it’s due to injuries or playing for teams that have been largely irrelevant for the duration of their careers, Brook and Robin Lopez’s hair doesn’t get enough publicity. Sure, we all know it’s funny and we’ve heard a bajillion Sideshow Bob jokes regarding Robin, but for the most part we’ve just come to consider that part of their oeuvre fairly minor when compared to everything else about them, which is certainly understandable any time you hear them speak. You try competing with those voices for laughs. It’s impossible.

But lucky for us, events have transpired that allow us to enjoy these two dudes’ hair for what it really is: very funny hair. And for that, we have Brook to thank, as he finally got his bird’s nest cut yesterday at a charity event. That’s the picture you see up top, which is just the best. Look how nervous he is. Then afterwards, look how despondent he is to have lost his precious curls.

As a curly-haired bro who understands the patience it takes to finally have a head of hair you’re proud of, I can understand why Brook would look so upset. He’s probably been growing that puff for a while, finally enjoying the fruits of his labor, and then it’s just gone. Sure, it’s for charity and I’m sure he’s happy to have done it, but I bet he’s still pretty sad to see it go. That’s a lot of work on the barber shop floor.

But because this is a Lopez twin, who was presumably talking at some point during this event, anything he said had to have been funny, right? Right.

Some voices are just born to say funny things. Consider it the Leigh Ellis corollary, where certain things just sound funnier coming out with accents. Even “we’re gonna get a haircut” can become a joke in the right hands mouth.

Now you might be wondering how we’ve made it this far without talking about Robin Lopez, who has really been carrying the hair torch for the Lopez twins the majority of their careers. Which, honestly, fair enough for you to wonder that. But just so you know, I was saving the best for last.

Because while Brook is finally getting some of the coveted hair spotlight by getting his locks shorn, Robin is keeping his curls and being interviewed by Channing Frye’s mom about them. This video is from March, but somehow it’s gone virtually unnoticed.

Brook Lopez has had a few videos that have defined his career — I’m thinking “Lawrence Frank?!?!,” trick-or-treating with Ryan Anderson, Comic Con with Ryan Anderson and talking about Devin Harris’ buzzer-beater with Ryan Anderson — but this might be Robin’s strongest online performance. Yeah, his hat looked amazing on draft night, but being totally befuddled while a teammate’s mom talks to him about maintaining curly hair is way better. Plus, we could conceivably nickname him “Pow Pow Curls” now and feel pretty good about it.

All of this stuff makes it abundantly clear that we need to remember just how silly these two guys’ hair is, even when we get caught up in how great it is to hear them talk. Lots of NBA players have had huge, curly hair but no one has been so surfer dude about it. Just keep that in mind the next time you hear them remembering how awesome Michael Jackson is.