A lot goes in to being a point guard, I am guessing. Being one of the biggest fellas around for my entire life means I’ve never actually dealt with such pressures, but it seems true. Not only do you have to handle the ball, initiate the offense and make plays, an NBA point guard also has to keep everyone involved in the offense, be able to relate to each of his teammates and ensure that they’re all on the same page. It’s not just basketball for point guards. There’s a lot of brain stuff in there too.

That’s why it’s so important for point guards to make sure their teams have fun together. Rajon Rondo knows what I’m talking about. From Marc J. Spears at Yahoo! Sports:

The Boston Celtics spent last week in enemy territory, daring to venture into Los Angeles to spend some time together. They scrimmaged at UCLA, ate lunch at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles and hung out at the homes of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. They even played flag football.

The event planner for the week of bonding was point guard Rajon Rondo. After an offseason in which his maturity was questioned and his relationship with former teammate Ray Allen was scrutinized, Rondo wants to show he can lead the Celtics. One of the first steps was welcoming a couple of new teammates – Jason Terry and Courtney Lee– to Boston’s L.A. retreat.

“I wanted J.T. to play with Kevin. I wanted Courtney to see how Paul likes to play. I wanted Paul and Jeff Green to go at each other,” Rondo told Yahoo! Sports. “I wanted to play with those guys. It was getting guys away from our actual training facility to get a new view.

“I wanted the guys to have fun. When you’re with me I want you to say, ‘Man, I had a good time with Rondo.’ And I think that’s what they did.”

Haha. “Man, I had a good time with Rondo.” Great, great quote. I wonder if anyone has ever actually said that, but even if they haven’t, I think we’re all going to start saying it now whenever Rondo does something weird. Bounces the ball of his head to start a game? Man, I had a good time with Rondo. Passes up an easy shot for a behind-the-back pass? Man, I had a good time with Rondo. Gets in a fight with an opponent? Man, I had a good time with Rondo. You get it. It works.

Of course, this naturally makes you think about the main guy who didn’t have a good time with Rondo: Ray Allen. But according to Rondo, that’s not even that big of a deal.

“People act like because me and Ray didn’t get along or they think me and Ray didn’t get along that I’m a bad person or he’s a bad person,” Rondo said. “No. It’s just life. If you look at your job, everyone doesn’t always get along with every co-worker they work with. It’s just part of life. People are blowing the Ray thing out of proportion. We had some words, but other than that it was no big deal.

“There were so many rumors like I was looking Ray off. Why would I look Ray off? That doesn’t make sense. He’s the best shooter, so why would I look him off? People can see it how they want to. They can talk to Ray. But from my standpoint, he made his decision. I don’t know why he made the decision, but he made the decision. I don’t think it had anything to do with me.”

Well, this is confusing. In one sentence, Rondo says it’s hogwash that people think he and Ray Allen didn’t get along (“People act like because me and Ray didn’t get along or they think me and Ray didn’t get along…”). Then in the very next sentence, he mentions how it’s normal to not get along with your coworkers (“If you look at your job, everyone doesn’t always get along with every co-worker…”). Kind of hard to follow the reasoning, but it sure seems like Rajon Rondo is admitting he didn’t get along with Ray Allen, which would be a pretty drastic shift from when he refused to talk about that situation as recently as two weeks ago. I guess they never got to play flag football together, otherwise things would have got patched up real quick.

But that’s all in the past now. The new Celtics are a lean, mean, chicken and waffles-eating machine and they’re going to friendship their way as far as it will take them. And considering the current NBA champions were built on a foundation of being buddies, that could be pretty far.

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  1. I hope sullinger was there cause is there a funnier moment then Rondo trying to throw the ball to sullinger only for him to be three seconds too slow. This then leads to a very disappointed rondo shaking and someone giving doc CPR after a five minutes of screaming causes him to have a stroke. On second thought maybe I just have issues…..

  2. Nah, Rondo’s logic actually makes sense, you just parsed it wrong. He says:

    “People act like because me and Ray didn’t get along or they think me and Ray didn’t get along that I’m a bad person or he’s a bad person.”

    So he’s not criticizing people who say that he and Ray didn’t get along, but is rather criticizing the people who use that to say that one of them is a bad person.

    This makes it possible for him to avoid contradiction when he says that “everyone doesn’t always get along with every co-worker,” as he has already allowed for the fact that he and Ray did not get along.□

  3. dunno, when you bother to talk about how normal it is to not get along, you pretty much admit that you actually didn’t get along with someone. why else would you bother to even comment on that? you could just flat out deny it! rondo just made it official that he and ray had some issues (if that was still open to debate – but since he kinda denied it before, it feels like an involuntary confession). so did he contradict himself? technically not, but did he admit that there were issues (think about it, think think about it), even though he obviously didn’t want to admit it? yes. (and then we stop).

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