First things first, the Suns’ new court is between 10 and 50 times better than their old cartoon fire basketball bird court, so thumbs up for that. Second things second, check out what the Suns’ new court looks like when you flip it, as if you were sitting on the opposite side from where the original picture was taken.

It still says Suns and you can read it perfectly. It’s brilliant. And also something only them and the Trail Blazers can say is true, but this is way more impressive since it’s a word and not just a logo that looks the same from both angles. This is the league’s best visual effect since the Raptors added those trippy fake signs on the baseline.

The Suns call it an ambigram but I call it M.C. Escher’s favorite NBA court. Very cool.

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  1. Did the Suns mean to have both pairs of logos and “US Airways Center” to be facing the same way? Looks like someone made a small error.

  2. same with the Suns logos

  3. This is the first time they’ve done this style? seems like someone would’ve had the idea as soon as the team was named “suns”.

  4. That Suns logo reminds me of the Oklahoma State logo.

  5. This was cool in third grade. Funny the Suns are just now doing this.

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