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On today’s show, The Basketball Jones go through the best listener submitted mini-topics. Why are emoticons now a necessity? What protocol should you use when playing an online game against a mouthy teenager? How are smartphones ruining concerts? All that, plus annoying Starbucks customers, holiday desserts, shoe collections, and a really long discussion of Ellen.

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Comments (18)

  1. Why do women make sandwiches with their left hand?

    Because they have no rights.

  2. The rise of the menacing Mike Tyson was legendary, but when visiting a family friend fighting him on his TV as Mac. My six year old brain was scrambled. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! hooked me in to NES.

  3. The Air Jordan VI was an amazing idea.

  4. Enjoyable if a bit more rambling than typical. As a corollary to Tas’ peeve about people not listening is MattyO’s tendency to pose a very specific question because he has a particular story in mind he wants to tell when his turn comes around, i.e. when he went over and saw Super Mario 1. The stories are usually pretty good, so no worries. I think you should be heading inexorably towards a Matt Osten Jones, because with all the waiting too long in his apartment to be picked up and walking out of movies, we’ve gotten too much of a teaser to let it go. Plus it would take him out of his comfort “book report” zone.

    also, always caught between wondering whether wanting more JD would spoil the JD effect.

    and as always, good on ya Leigh!

  5. why are tickets so expensive

  6. The Demographics of video gaming may be surprising to some. For whatever reason there are more women who play video games than we would assume. Some of them are super into it too. I think on some general level with today’s world we all kind of play video games — from my parents being able to play things like scrabble and solitaire on their computers and tablets to kids playing mobile games on their parents smart phones. On that regard there are a lot of ‘casual’ gamers.

    There are ‘hardcore’ gamers as well, and I guess with how I spent my free time during the NBA lockout I guess I would fall into that category. I’ve been playing games since I was a kid, and now into my 30s I don’t see it stopping. A big deal for me is that now, more than ever, games can be social activities too. I’m in that special zone where I do not have any children, but my nephews are getting old enough to play things like Call of Duty online with me. Fun. I guess.

    Not as much fun as playing basketball, or watching basketball. But more fun than watching dumb TV shows your wife or girlfriend records on your DVR. No, I’m not venting.

  7. You guys gotta do at least one of the following: Roller Coaster Jones or Grocery Shopping Jones. You know grocery shopping has everything, tips, tricks, pet peeves, and most importantly… SWAG.

  8. RE: Shoe sizes

    Worked at Vans and ALDO for multiple years slangin shoes. You’d be surprised at the amount of people who have no idea what size they are, and are way off on the initial shoe size they ask for. Men always ask for shoes that are too big, Women always ask for shoes that are too small.

  9. The fashion Jones definitely has potential. I think the metro-sexuality in the NBA started when Stern told everyone to start wear suits.


    - 90% of modern mens clothing are made for 6 foot tall white people, not trying to be racist but that’s just how it seems. I’m 5’7 and it can be tough to find decent shit.

    - Do your girlfriend/wives affect your fashion sense? As much as I like to think we all dress for ourselves, its bullshit and I dress alot of times to impress women. Otherwise I’ll be in my gym shorts all day everyday.

    - you guys would be less impressed with Uniqlo if you ever go to Japan(Tokyo specifically), where there’s a Uniqlo on every street corner and you realized its just plain looking, cheap Chinese made clothe.

    - Trey I may have you beat, at my peak I owned over 150 pairs. I’ve been selling lately and I’m down below 100. Favorites includes Visvim FBT folk, Mexico 66, Jordan 4′s pre 1999 releases, any vans syndicate, wallabees, there’s a few more.

  10. GIVE ME 2 PER…

  11. ‘That did just get popular.’

    This killed me.

  12. That Leigh Ellis is the bee’s knees.

  13. Oh my hallelujah I wanted to scream with joy to the high heavens when Skeets brought up the fools with their cellphones at concerts. Hey loser, it’s going to be up on youtube anyways. Why do you bother? Do you keep an archive at home? Drives me bonkers.

    But it is to Matt Osten that the credit must go for bringing up much more than a pet peeve, but A MAJOR ISSUE OF OUR TIME FOR ALL CANADIANS this friggin’ cheap liquor culture here. It is a nightmare. In the States, they don’t even know what the term “free pour” means. Why? Because that’s the standard! Here are only some of the reasons why the measured pour is a total atrocity.

    A drink with one ounce of booze in it is not a proper drink. You can’t taste the alchohol. If you get it straight up or with ice, one ounce does not last long enough to enjoy.

    The bartender is an artist. He or she should have freedom to mix drinks as they please. It’s like having a set of measurements for the chef in the kitchen that he can not deviate from.

    The bartender is a psychologist and a friend. You develop a relationship with him or her and depending on that relationship, they will adjust the strength of your drink. Judgement and human interaction is what is required here, not a set of rigid rules.

    We are the country that provided booze for the U.S. during prohibition. Fortunes and a big part of the eastern Canadian economy was built on moving booze to the States. Now today look at what has happened to us. You simply cannot get a good drink in Canada. The beer is great. But it’s just embarrassing ordering a martini here.

    An utter shame and it needs to stop.

    Thank you Matty-O for bringing this important matter to the attention of the rest of the world.

  14. “Did atari come out before nintendo?” Made me feel old.

  15. Trey’s college football video game season reminded me, that i have a cool story, bro.

    At my last job, we had a few arcade machines in house that were owned by a few of the staff, including an original NBA Jam cabinet. We played that a ton, and we got to the point where we wanted to step up the challenge a bit, so we started a Jam League. 5 teams, 2 players each (of course) and we played 16 games. Top three teams got an automatic playoff bid while the bottom two had a play-in game for the fourth seed. After a bracket style, best-of-three postseason, the champs were given the Jam Trophy, which was jst a novelty football toy I picked up at a thrift shop and painted silver.

    We kept full stats in a massive Excel sheet, and we voted for MVP and first and second all-league teams. The first and second teams were the all-star teams that played a game between the semi-finals and the finals.

    Anyway, we played three seasons before a number of players ended up leaving the company. Sadly, I never won a championship (came close in season 3; I missed two wide open threes in Game 3 of the finals that would have sent the game to overtime). But those few months were some of the best times I had working for that company. Oh, and the bosses never found out.

  16. Gangnam style mashup? I found one with video games!


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