If there’s one thing you can say about Tyson Chandler (there are many things you can say about Tyson Chandler), it’s that he has whole-heartedly embraced New York City. Between wearing capes, showing up at Fashion Week looking like a weirdo, and growing a gnarly beard that surely goes along with tending his urban garden, it’s like he’s said to himself, “Well, I’m here in New York City. Might as well act like it.”

That’s why it should come as absolutely no surprise that Chandler hosted a charity art exhibit of his own photography last night, all while wearing his now-unfortunately-trademark capris and combat boots. Of course he did, because of New York.

Speaking of New York, the exhibit is called “A Year in a New York Minute,” which is either a reference to his first year in NYC flying by or an admission that he spent a year getting inspiration from an Olsen Twins movie. After “Pretty Woman”-ing his wife, both explanations are feasible.

After the jump, have a look at some of Tyson’s art and some of the people who showed up to look at it.

Carmelo Anthony was there and stood next to a lion. Can’t tell from this photo, but I’m guessing it’s 3D because why else would Melo be wearing glasses indoors at night?

As you can see, he had questions about the 3D lion that he had to ask the artist about. According to sources, this conversation went something along the lines of: “So this ‘art,’ it’s 3D right? Cause I swear I saw that lion pop off the picture like this far.”

Carmelo wasn’t the only Knick in attendance, because these guys know that if they want their teammates to support their silly extracurricular activities, they need to do it first. It’s only fair.

Jason Kidd was there too, hanging out with the host of “Live! with Kelly and Michael,” talking about how this was the greatest art he’s seen since he helped his dad do those cave drawings back in the Neolithic era.

As you saw earlier, Amar’e Stoudemire (and his fianceĆ©) and Baron Davis both showed up. They didn’t actually know it was Tyson Chandler’s exhibit when they wandered in, but walking around to random art galleries while accessorizing is just something they do together. Worked out pretty well last night.

This is kind of a self-portrait of Tyson Chandler, even though it’s pretty obvious he didn’t take the picture. So really, this is someone else’s photo that Tyson Chandler layered with someone else’s words, before adding all kinds of old-timey filters. He should start a Tumblr.

And finally, here’s a good look at some of the art Tyson exhibited. I’m no critic, but the Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields portraits suggest a feeling of loss, while the “Win The Gold” piece serves as reminder that children make some nice drawings sometimes. The skateboarder is just because skateboarding is cool, but I’m sure you knew that.

All in all, solid exhibit, as far as NBA art exhibits go. It’s probably better than Shaquille O’Neal’s stint as a curator but not as unintentionally funny as the Ron Artest Expo from a few years back. No idea if this exhibit is open to the public, but I think you get the point — Tyson Chandler is in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, and he wants everyone to experience how much fun he’s having. Good for him.

(photos via Jocks and Stilleto Jill and Basket Session)