The main purpose of this post is to direct your attention to this fantastic Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) thread conducted by Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey earlier today. Can you imagine Pat Riley doing something like this?

There are several highlights in the thread, but my favorite Morey response was to a question from a Reddit user asking “hows yao ming in person” [sic]:

“A great person which people always say but actually true in this case. I think the quality he has as a person that many don’t know about is that he is extremely funny. He was by far the funniest person in the locker room. Most jokes I cannot print there is one time I remember I can talk about. During the pre-season required drug testing, all the players were lined up to pee in a cup and Yao Ming looking to all of them and said, ‘why am I the only one not nervous’?”

Regardless of whether or not you needed a reminder of why Yao Ming is awesome, there you have it. I’d bet my house that you won’t find a funnier 7-foot-6 Chinese guy on the planet.

(Hat tip to @bentlegen for the Morey AMA link.)