They always say that style is cyclical and that everything that used to be popular will end up being cool again some day. They must be right because Nick Collison and Steve Nash both showed up to Media Day with side parts and I’m pretty sure they didn’t plan it. I blame Don Draper.

Nonetheless, if two of the most stylish guys in the league are wearing side parts for a day where they’re having pictures taken that will be used the entire season, then you know side parts must be cool. And seriously, when you look at how cool these guys are with side parts, you’ll understand how huge this look is going to be.

Quite obviously, this is going to be a popular hairstyle that catches on around the league. Side parts are the new cornrows, or so I heard. Plus, if it primes the pump for a Jeff Hornacek comeback, then I’m all for it.

(Instagrams via Royce Young and the Lakers)