These are the Game of NBA alternate jerseys. Kind of OK though. Just like Game.

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  1. man, i love the old skyline jerseys, although i’m not sold on the yellow of these ones

    • i agree i love the old alex english jersey but with white background , aint buying the yellow either !

  2. well, it sure is intresting..

  3. It’s all about balance – if the NBA wanna pull off the new Nets jerseys uber minimal jerseys, they surely have to go into the other extreme.

  4. Nuggests+Marquette=Nugette, which is a super secret new chocolate bar (warning: may contain nuts!) that will be the Nuggets’ main sponsor when ads are introduced on NBA jerseys.

    Which will automatically make JaVale McGee the nutties Nugget ever!

  5. hmmm i like the yellow… looks interesting and different.

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