In a summer filled with bizarre NBA stories ranging from Steve Nash joining a rival and no one really caring to JaVale McGee throwing burrito parties for one person, the fact that Tony Parker’s eye got cut up during a Chris Brown-Drake fight at a NYC night club might be the strangest. The fact that he then had to play the entire Olympics wearing thick black-framed glasses really pushed things over the edge.

But now, that eyeball is fine, which is good because you only get two eyes. However, just because the eye is fine doesn’t mean the glasses are necessarily going away. From the San Antonio Express-News:

“He’s been looked at during and after the Olympics by a lot of people, and we’ll do the same,” Popovich said Friday. “All indications are that he’s totally ready to go and has no problem.”

The Spurs open training camp Tuesday, and it has not yet been decided whether Parker will be forced to wear the protective goggles he donned while playing for Team France in August.

As I’ve mentioned around these parts before, I have some training in the medical field, as I graduated from college with a degree in pre-med health science. Those credentials should make it obvious that I’m worthy of consulting on this issue. As such, allow me to prevent a few pieces of evidence that may help decide whether or not Tony Parker should still wear his protective goggles.

As you can see, pretty much all the evidence available points toward Tony Parker keeping his goggles because it makes everything a little more funny. The only drawback I can see (pun) is that Tony kind of already destroyed the goggles after France was eliminated from the Olympics. Maybe I’m crazy but I have a feeling he can get another pair. Not only would that be great for his continued eye health, but it would also rectify that situation since we all want to live in a world where Tony Parker wears thick protective goggles when he plays basketball.

Someone call Messrs. Bausch and Lomb because they have some work to do.

(via PBT)