If you go to the Nets’ actual website (www.nba.com/nets) you’re going to get some actual Brooklyn Nets stuff. But if you just do a quickie-quick Nets.com action, you’re getting that picture you see right there with Mark Cuban sticking his tongue out at fans of the Nets, taunting them for not owning their own splash page.

And at the bottom? A Mikhail Prokhorov picking up prostitutes zinger. As translated by Complex:

“Michael, have you noticed? Vilena wondered…”

That’s supposedly a reference to the since-dropped case of Prokhorov flying women in to “entertain his guests,” if you know what I mean. Zing-wise, that’s the exact sort of thing that would show up on a hacked website, so nice job hackers.

People are saying that Mark Cuban bought Nets.com to mess with his newest rival, but there is absolutely no way that’s the case. One, the WhoIs data shows the site to be in the hands of Cyber Mesa Computer Systems, who have owned the site since 1994 and will continue to own it until 2014. Two, the site is in broken English and Russian, which means a) there’s no way it was Mark Cuban unless this is a too-clever part of the ruse and b) it was probably a Russian. Three, the reference to “Vilena” is something that’s virtually impossible to find on the internet and would therefore have to come from someone who paid attention to the scandal when it was happening (i.e. a Russian). Four, the link on the top right goes to the Russian version of the Nets’ website. Just a hunch — this was the work of a Russian who likes making jokes (possibly Andrei Kirilenko).

Nonetheless, if Mikhail Prokhorov thinks Mark Cuban did this, then that’ll probably push him closer to wanting to fight the Dallas owner. So if you happen to see Prokhorov around, tell him that Cuban did it. Seeing them in wrestling gear, kickboxing to the death will make for great blog content.