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On today’s show, The Basketball Jones assess some wisdom from the website, 1001 Rules For My Unborn Son. Does anything fun happen after 3 a.m.? What’s the best way to enter a swimming pool? Should you teach your child to avoid gambling? All that, plus Patron with Colin Farrell, college girlfriends, swearing in public, the dirtiest drawer in your house, and a retrospective Rounders update.

Come see TBJ live in Toronto along with Jemele Hill (ESPN), Elliotte Friedman (CBC), Greg Wyshynski (Yahoo! Sports), and many other sports writers, bloggers, and executives at BWB5. (Use code: TBJBWB)


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Comments (33)

  1. Dave Grohl doing “Stairway to Heaven” on Kilborn. So good.

  2. Grohl did Stairway on Kilborn(not Conan) and it was indeed great. Also check out him doing Tiny Dancer which was also brilliant.

    Also, I hope that idiot with his MAN RULES never has a son but has a bunch of daughters instead which is something he’d probably hate.

  3. We need a Part 2 to the Leigh Ellis Jones.

  4. Totally agree with JD’s no autograph rule! Man Up.

  5. I thought that the art of fielding was gonna be a non fiction book. That’s a book I want to read. Great work Jones.

  6. Here are two more “rules” to chew on:

    — Never buy an expensive bicycle.
    — Have a signature karaoke song.

    And, hey, don’t forget to leave your own rules for Seb below.

    • I don’t know what would constitute an “expensive” bike but I do know that if you don’t pay for a good bike you will soon hate bikes, mostly yours. So this is a great rule to make sure you never fall in love with bikes.

      It can be an expensive hobby so maybe a good idea.

      • ADDENDUM:

        If you live in a big city, never buy an expensive bicycle. It WILL get stolen.

        • Buy a really good bike and make it look like a really shitty bike. I live in Oregon which is the number ! location for bike theft. I use a fold up travelers bike that can go on an elevator or be stored almost anywhere and never park it on the street

          • Good point, I didn’t think about the theft issue. I ride to work and park my bike next my desk, so it’s never really in danger of getting stolen by anyone other than a brainless co-worker.

  7. Tas singing the Guns and Roses solo sounded like Roseanne Barr singing the national anthem or Gilbert Godfried complaining about Roseanne Barr singing the national anthem. I’m an avid reader and gotta say life is short, if a book doesn’t grab me by 35 pages I’m outta there.

    • I agree but at least give it 100 pages, A Game of Thrones only really convinced me of its brilliance at about that point, and a song of ice and fire has easily been my favourite Fantasy series since.

  8. “nothing good ever happens after 3 a.m.” – whoever wrote that has definitely never taken ecstasy in a techno club in berlin. or anywhere.

    “try ecstasy between one and ten times when you’re between, say, 18 and 30 years old, but make sure to drink enough water when you do. also, try taking it at around 3 a.m. so that you’re in the thick of it when the sun rises while you dance to some super laid back afterhour tune, preferably at an open air event near some river, while surrounded by a bunch of super-friendly boys and girls who all shared your experience.”
    that’s a pretty specific rule, but a way better one for seb to follow. in 18 years.

  9. Would be interesting to follow this Jones with a daughter varient…

    • “No Tattoos Before You’re Thirty” is a great book by Sam de Brito which provides advice to a son and a daughter… very different advice, obviously.

  10. Here’s an easy trick for keeping costs down on Tequila:

    Tequila doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. Just make sure it’s 100% agave and it’ll be smooth.

  11. Last names that shouldn’t follow the first name “Dick” jones. ex. Richard Wadsworth.

  12. “i think he beats his wife” classic

  13. Idea for the blank jones- the blank, blank jones. I’m sure all of you have topics/ideas you’d love to talk about that the rest of the group thinks are retarded/stupid/inappropriate/not accessible enough etc. Make the case. Let Tas talk up the danforth/greece. Let Trey talk up Ohio (for 15 seconds, or however long he can do it with a straight face). Let Matt try and defend Quebec. Let JD just make fun of everyone for as long as he can go for. Let Skeets try and convince everyone to start calling him by his real name. Whatever. It’d be like the good idea jones but with ideas from you guys instead of random morons. The morons we know are better than the morons we don’t, and so forth.

    Also, PLEASE keep doing the blank jones once the season starts. I know everyone’s busy. I know there’s a million other more relevant things to talk about. But once a week, talking random nonsense for 45 min, I mean you guys do that 24/7 for free. Just record it and post it! Get random guests and do a version of the Leigh Ellis podcast, whatever. It’s all good.

  14. Matt it’s “Bend the Elbow”

  15. What’s the cookie update for BWB5?

  16. I’ve never seen that website, but it sounds awful. I enjoyed the discussion though. Matt’s “Don’t be afraid to take a shit,” is good, practical advice. Once you conquer your fear of strange toilets, you see how much better you feel. Don’t let yourself get backed up.

  17. Tas is 100% correct about Tequila. Everyone who says they hate Tequila have never had anything better the Jose Cuervo. Patron/Don Julio/ etc can be sipped just like a fine whiskey.

    • I like Jose…….

    • Have to disagree about Tequila..I’ve had the finest made and it’ll never be comparable to a great scotch or rye or brandy and it will still give you the worst hangovers on earth

  18. A real man doesn’t let other guys tell him how to be a man, Seb. That pretty much sums up this podcast & that other chauvinistic blog too. A real man doesn’t have to worry about being a real man n the eyes of others…

    • so… you tell seb to not listen to what he’s being told (if he wants to be a “real” man)? you do realize that it’s impossible to truly follow that piece of advice while not contradicting it at the same time right?

      • If it makes you feel better, I can say ” just follow your heart, Seb. You’ll know what’s right”

        Glad we covered that…Don’t want Seb to be in a philosophical meltdown due to my poor wording.

  19. Best drinking game: everybody in a bar gets free drinks until one person has to go to the bathroom. Common game at college football game bars around the US

  20. And for the record speaking as an Australian, drunk uncles and known here as “drunkles”.

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