Over the past couple of days, we’ve been able to enjoy Media Day as our favorite players are reporting to their teams. It’s like school picture day combined with show and tell mixed with some talent show. These guys probably hate it, but it’s great for us because we love laughing.

As such, let’s take a look at a bunch of candidates and decide which picture is the best. Comparing things is fun.

Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis joking around and definitely not violating anyone else’s personal spaces.

Derrick Rose smiling, showing personality and having a (fake) goatee that actually connects to his mustache, all at the same time.

Some person named “Kent Bazemore” who will either be starting for the Warriors or cut by the end of training camp.

Mo “Vaughn Bernie” Williams, taking a cut while re-enacting the poster for “The 40 Year-Old Virgin.”

Ben Gordon, who is just thrilled to be a Bobcat.

A couple of random Miami Heat werewolves who must get really hot with all that fur.

Kris Humphries, who cannot stop flexing for one second to take a normal picture because he wants you to know he has big arm muscles.

These two Philadelphia 76ers big men who apparently found a time portal to transport them from 1978 to the present to join a basketball team.

The Phoenix Suns, but not because of Marcin Gortat’s hijinks. Nope, they make the list for looks of disgust on the faces of Goran Dragic and Luis Scola, who apparently think joking is the worst.

Chris “Born to Be a Jazz” Quinn, looking INTENSE and VERY COOL and KIND OF LIKE A GUY NAMED BRAD.

Nate Robinson, who actually fits pretty well behind Joakim Noah.

These two jokers, who are going to be as good at pick-and-rolls as they are at making too many viral videos.

Your cousin Omer, tying his shoe in the waiting area of the Olive Garden.

Jason Smith, getting funky in the handicap parking lot.

A couple of Denver Nuggets who take their responsibility as representatives of the mining industry very seriously.

Jason Terry, who shocked the world by not airplaning during Media Day for the first time since 2004.

Personally, I’m going to choose Jason Smith as my favorite picture because his face and the setting and the fact that the Hornets excitedly tweeted this picture just make for a very funny combination. It’s one of the least cool looks possible in the NBA, so congratulations to him for really going for it.

But I’m just one man. Let’s hear your votes in the comments. And if there’s a picture I missed that you want to nominate, that’s cool too.