Sit down, guys. I need to tell you something important. We might be coming to an end of an era. Sure, it’s one that’s kind of been over for a few years now, but still might be completely, 100 percent, done-and-done over by the time everything shakes out. Naturally, it’s happening in Portland, where careers go to die.

I don’t know how to say it, but Adam Morrison could be officially retired by the end of the month. From

After being out of the league the last two years, Morrison, 28, told that if he didn’t make the Trail Blazers’ regular season roster, he has plans to end his professional playing career and start a new one.

“I’m going to finish school and start coaching (If he didn’t make the Trail Blazers roster)…I did the Europe thing and it just wasn’t for me,” Morrison told “Not saying the (Europe) culture or anything like that, (or) the people, it just wasn’t for me. So, yeah, if it doesn’t work out, I’m willing to look myself in the mirror and say, ‘I gave it a honest shot’ and turn the page. Do something else.”

Can you imagine a world where Adam Morrison lurking on the fringes of the NBA doesn’t exist? Where we don’t have annual Adam Morrison updates? Where we don’t get to see pictures of him looking like a different bass guitarist two times a year? It’s scary to think about that reality. I imagine it’ll be something like the majority of “I Am Legend,” but we’ll just have to wait and see.

While the natural inclination might be to feel bad for Morrison because he’ll be done with a career he dreamed about as a little kid at age 28, don’t. He actually seems pretty OK with the possibility.

“It’s funny, people act like just because it didn’t work out, my life is just, horrible. You know what I mean?,” Morrison said with a chuckle. “It’s not that bad. Ok, it didn’t go well, but it’s not like I’m destitute, and broke, and homeless. There’s a lot of people who have had worst things happen than not making it in a certain career.

“I’m a father, I enjoy other activities. Life’s alright.”

Let’s get the zings out of the way first. Yeah, he’s not homeless, geez — he just looks homeless. And also: Well at least he enjoys other activities. Felt good. Moving on.

Now that we’re done with that, this is a pretty solid way to deal with the end of your career, especially when you’re kind of the first guy who completely busted out of the league during the internet age. Like, there have been other busts in history, but you can easily track Morrison’s progression from dominating college to crying during his last NCAA game to being drafted by Michael Jordan to being immediately criticized for being drafted too high to blowing out his knee to becoming a punchline during two Lakers titles to playing overseas and showing up on various summer league teams. He’s the league’s first wholly modern bust and that’s why he’s talking about his retirement before he’s even retired. Even Kwame Brown and Michael Olowokandi never had to deal with that.

It’s a very weird situation and it’s impossible to know how well he’s handling it because he’s the first one to ever do it. Sure seems like he’s got the right mindset though, kind of just saying he tried his best and it turned out he wasn’t up to the task. That has to be incredibly tough when you’re 28 and spent the first 21 years of your life being the best player on the court.

Of course, if we’ve learned anything from basketball and rap, it’s that premature retirements never stick. Maybe Adam Morrison will get cut and maybe he will retire, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the end, unless he’s Barry Sanders. Still, this might be the end of the Adam Morrison era, so let’s enjoy it while we can.

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  1. Oh man, oh man, we may lose basketball’s Ryan Leaf. Let’s pray that he doesn’t wind up taking the same path Leaf did (Jail is never a good look)…Can I just say, how glad I am to see that pedo-stash removed from his face?

  2. Cool! Frabricio Oberto is back!

  3. Remember when Adam Morrison was doing commercials for NBA Live?

  4. He was never going to be a star in this league but one thing he always has been able to do, is score points. He had a very decent scoring average his rookie season playing on a team with no help at all, and then he blew out his knee. It all went downhill from there and suddenly he became a “the biggest bust of all time”. If I’m not mistaken he wasn’t even recruited by Gonzaga, and was only brought into the program due to the reputation he earned playing pick up basketball against other Gonzaga players around Spokane. This was hardly the born with the silver spoon in his mouth and destined to be a star. He became a huge star for a mid-major school in Spokane, and was lucky enough that he had a truly awful draft class around him.

    I guess I’ve just never understood the venom at which some people attack him or other players who are deemed “busts”. People seem to feel the need or that it’s their right to embarrass a player who doesn’t live up to his “potential”.

  5. Well said my man.

  6. Adam seemed like the kinda of player who could have used some years in the minors, like the NHLS – AHL. Yes I know the D league, but they don’t usually send 1st rd picks to the D, they plop them at the end of the bench, so once Adam wasn’t showing the 1st Rd=impact players MJ thought he saw, there Adam was working on his high fives on the end of the bench, until 1 day, your just off the bench. Adam needed to play and develope in a quality league, the D league is crap, Ive watched it, garbage.

    The best 30 for 30 about Marcus Dupree is the same, ok he wasn’t a star in the show, but you know what, he made it to the show and thats pretty freaking good, life moves on.

    Now to watch some clips of Adam crying on the floor in the NCAA, hilarious stuff.

  7. Oh man, I can’t believe Bill Hader is playing Adam Morrison. That’s awesome.

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