If the “Knickstape” these guys keep talking about — and that showed up on Baron Davis’ shoes last season — is an And 1-styled compilation of various New York Knicks embarrassing their opponents, that’d be great. There might be no better team in the league for that kind of undertaking. I’d fully support that mission.

However, if the “Knickstape” these guys keep talking about is actually a rap mixtape made entirely of verses by various New York Knicks, then that’s even better. After all, that “Clique” flip is pretty genius (even if Chris Copeland apparently doesn’t agree) and Iman Shumpert isn’t a terrible rapper. Plus, it would actually make the Rasheed Wallace signing make sense, so I am VERY on board with this. The potential for comedy greatness is certainly there.

Oh also, the Knicks bench calls themselves Mobb Deep and that includes Steve Novak. Perfect.

(via Knicks.com)

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  1. I heard that Iman was part of a spoken word/poetry collective in the Chicago area, so I’m sure he’ll prove to have some flow at least

  2. Even though he was only a Bull for two years it’s weird seeing Ronnie Brewer in NYC colours.

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