If you’re a regular reader of this blog, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve played multiple editions of the NBA 2K video game series by 2K Sports. In fact, many of you probably purchased NBA 2K13 yesterday on its release date and spent a good part of your day neglecting most of your daily responsibilities and personal relationships. And why wouldn’t you? It’s pretty great.

However, not every NBA 2K13 consumer will play the game the same way, and that got me thinking. How will different people dive into the NBA 2K13 universe and what will that say about their personalities? Probably nothing, honestly, but work with me here.

You jump right into playing the default exhibition matchup of Thunder vs. Heat:

You’re impatient, impulsive, and you like to “figure it out as you go” rather than taking the time to learn the controls. Inevitably, some of you will ask the Internet to clue you in on the button combo for alley-oops.

You create a version of yourself in My Player mode.

You’re not just an NBA fan, but you still like to dream that you could have made the pros if you were a few (or many) inches taller. Almost without exception, you will make yourself taller than your actual height — and even if you use your actual height, your player will be able to dunk.

You go straight to the settings menu to adjust the sliders.

You’re a control freak who should at least play the game for a bit before you act like you can assess the realism of this year’s game. Having said that, you’ll never go wrong if you raise the foul sliders a bit every year.

You check out the ratings of your favorite players so you can be outraged by them.

These people don’t actually exist because they already looked up the ratings online weeks ago and have been complaining about them ever since.

You launch a fantasy draft in association mode.

You’re one of those people (like me) who fantasizes about being a GM of a team rather than a player. Also, you probably don’t like most of the players on your favorite team.

You launch a fantasy draft in association mode and make sure your team gets the first overall pick.

You want LeBron James on your team.

You access the “2K Beats by Jay Z” screen and play “Stress” by Justice.

Um… OK. Look, that’s an interesting song, and if that’s your kind of music, good for you. But this is easily the least appropriate song I’ve ever encountered in a sports video game. This isn’t a jock jam, it’s a soundtrack for committing random acts of violence. I think you should probably see a therapist.

You customize your own basketball shoe in the “2K Shoe Creator”.

You are Trey Kerby.

You play against the Celebrity Team so you can dunk on Justin Bieber.

Nothing wrong with that. Even the Biebs thinks that’s in good fun.

How did you start out playing NBA 2K13 and what do you think it says about you? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. every 2k game i play i go right into association mode and try to play it as “realistic” as possible. choose a team like the raptors and try to see if i can rebuild that team into something decent. although the game does some pretty outrageous things like accept my trade of jose calderon for tyson chandler straight up. if only it were that easy.

  2. What about the people that went directly into a quick game with their friend? And then brought the game back to their own apartment and started an Association just to see if there were new features, then, finding none, exited said Association and waited for the Roster Updates?

  3. Or you play people online so you can really get good.

  4. Or you don’t have the game yet but want to play it desperately. What that says about you? You’re European.

  5. Lakers v Heat. Close for a while but the Lakers are just too much. Second game almost beat Dream Team w/ Team USA. Then 2v2 (where are the stars in Blacktop mode anyway?).

  6. lol at “you’re Trey Kerby”

  7. On the Dream team Redeem Team video… great… except Melo can’t play D
    On the Bieber video…. Watch only the first half!!!!!

  8. I played as the celebrity team so I could light it up with the biebs against the nets so I could see Jay-Z sitting courtside

  9. Automatically played the new “My Team” function and dropped Zaza Pachulia for Perry Jones III

  10. Yeah, I usually do start with the my player mode, make him my height and make him able to dunk, but then again, so can I. (Although maybe not the 360 pumps etc…)
    Wonder how ‘Stress” is gonna work out during games tho

  11. I start with My Player every time. Make a player that looks exactly like me and them work my way up. My 2k12 MP is the 2nd best player in the league, starting PG for the Knicks, current MVP/DPOY, 2-time Finals MVP, is a 5’9″ ginger who leads the league in 3PM’s, assists, steals and PPG, and can dunk, of course, because why wouldn’t I make myself be able to dunk?

  12. I love nba 2k, I download them via torrent because I am an asshole.

  13. All about the My Player mode for me. Although I do enjoy messing around with the Association mode with a fantasy draft aswell.

  14. After My Career kept freezing after my first game I would play, I decided to play Dream Team vs. Celebs. Then I took over as celebs, planning world domination as Pauly D. This makes me a sicko.

  15. What about people like myself who preordered, got home and downloaded the free add-on of the 2013 all-star weekend, went right into the dunk contest, setup a four person all human controlled line up of MJ, Nique, Lebron, and Kobe (made sure he came last), and played it until I could complete every hard level dunk. What does that say about me Trey?

  16. I go immediately into a 82 game season and select my Pistons (ONLY!) then commence to start playing. After I’ve gotta about a dozen games under my belt I create My Player and make him the same height and weight as me then put him as a PG (I’m 6’4, around 200). I usually go through multiple seasons by the end of the year but 2k12 was the first I didn’t even come close to the playoffs THANKS TO 2k HATING ME SPECIFICALLY!!!

    *man cries and runs out of room*

  17. Man, your name is CAREFOOT. CARE-FOOT. thats just crazy weird. did you ever notice that?

  18. Hey Scott,
    cool post! But if you really fantasize about being a GM of a team rather than a player, you should have a look at this CBA-simulating fantasy game: http://www.profsl.com/smf/index.php?board=1034.0

  19. Loving this game so far but dear god, at times it feels like I’m playing Jay-Z 2K13. What was the idea behind putting his music videos into the game intro scenes? And the music choice could have been a bit better, there are long stretches where (due to censoring) the lyrics are just random words with large pauses between.

  20. getting destroyed with my pistons against whom i consider being the most “evil” team out there right now (miami of course).
    then winning the second game against the same opponent, but this time playing with the lakers or celtics or spurs.. i know my soul will burn in hell

  21. Rubio only rated 78? Ridiculous

  22. am i the only one who first goes into the tutorial mode / reads the manual?

  23. I’m of the “No crew, No buy” Variety. Crew mode for the nba 2k11 was the best multiplayer experience around for a while there.

  24. LOL man these comments made me LAUGH.. THanks guys.

  25. I went straight to create a team, and put the players I wanted and put the mode to hall of fame game play and it was on…..

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