If you’re a regular reader of this blog, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve played multiple editions of the NBA 2K video game series by 2K Sports. In fact, many of you probably purchased NBA 2K13 yesterday on its release date and spent a good part of your day neglecting most of your daily responsibilities and personal relationships. And why wouldn’t you? It’s pretty great.

However, not every NBA 2K13 consumer will play the game the same way, and that got me thinking. How will different people dive into the NBA 2K13 universe and what will that say about their personalities? Probably nothing, honestly, but work with me here.

You jump right into playing the default exhibition matchup of Thunder vs. Heat:

You’re impatient, impulsive, and you like to “figure it out as you go” rather than taking the time to learn the controls. Inevitably, some of you will ask the Internet to clue you in on the button combo for alley-oops.

You create a version of yourself in My Player mode.

You’re not just an NBA fan, but you still like to dream that you could have made the pros if you were a few (or many) inches taller. Almost without exception, you will make yourself taller than your actual height — and even if you use your actual height, your player will be able to dunk.

You go straight to the settings menu to adjust the sliders.

You’re a control freak who should at least play the game for a bit before you act like you can assess the realism of this year’s game. Having said that, you’ll never go wrong if you raise the foul sliders a bit every year.

You check out the ratings of your favorite players so you can be outraged by them.

These people don’t actually exist because they already looked up the ratings online weeks ago and have been complaining about them ever since.

You launch a fantasy draft in association mode.

You’re one of those people (like me) who fantasizes about being a GM of a team rather than a player. Also, you probably don’t like most of the players on your favorite team.

You launch a fantasy draft in association mode and make sure your team gets the first overall pick.

You want LeBron James on your team.

You access the “2K Beats by Jay Z” screen and play “Stress” by Justice.

Um… OK. Look, that’s an interesting song, and if that’s your kind of music, good for you. But this is easily the least appropriate song I’ve ever encountered in a sports video game. This isn’t a jock jam, it’s a soundtrack for committing random acts of violence. I think you should probably see a therapist.

You customize your own basketball shoe in the “2K Shoe Creator”.

You are Trey Kerby.

You play against the Celebrity Team so you can dunk on Justin Bieber.

Nothing wrong with that. Even the Biebs thinks that’s in good fun.

How did you start out playing NBA 2K13 and what do you think it says about you? Let us know in the comments.