Ricky Rubio running like he’s never run before, whilst recovering from a serious knee injury. Ricky’s a good-natured fellow, but I’m not sure anyone’s nature has ever been this good. Look at that grin. So happy.

Awwwww, Jerome Jordan and Jarrid Famous (ironic) at Media Day, being very lonely while no one wants to talk to them. Here they are, dressed in tank tops and shorts in an air conditioned room to be introduced as Grizzlies, but all the camera crews just want to talk to whoever is in the corner. Even worse Red Polo Shirt Guy has to go and lean on Jordan’s table since he’s running out of room to get close to who he really wants to talk to. Quite the insult.

The NBA is a very emotional place, filled with highs and lows. What goes up, must come down. Happy and sad. Be nice to each other.

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  1. Good stuff! Can only assume that is Michael Dunigan getting mobbed in the corner.

  2. That looks like a Marc Gasol ear to me.

  3. Sometimes I think it must be hard being a fringe NBA player and never seeing limelight or having name recognition. Constantly bouncing between teams, permanently affixed to the bench and never feeling like you truly belong.

    Then I remember their salaries.

    Also, GO GRIZZ!

  4. it could be Brandon Roy up in that corner

  5. The table lean is a bold move for a guy that’s probably extremely unathletic and about 1 foot shorter than the “leanee”. Obviously, Jerome Jordan didn’t learn a lot about intimidation from Tyson Chandler.

  6. This post and the text to it made me laugh almost a whole day.
    Thanks for kerbying this out of the internet mister trey!

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