And it goes by the codename of “Slowy McPumpfakes.”

From Fox Sports North:

Recently retired center Brad Miller made an appearance at camp on Wednesday, working closely with Nikola Pekovic and the other big men. He’ll be with the team through camp, Adelman said, though he couldn’t resist getting in a joke about the player he coached for so many years. He’s probably lost, the coach joked, or perhaps he’s just looking for a place to hunt. [...]

“He’s such a smart player, and with the group we have, a lot of stuff that we’re doing is what we did a lot in the past,” Adelman said. “He’s really smart about that. I just thought he could help some of the big guys and make them understand what they have to look for.”

Well, it sure looks like the Timberwolves are going to lead the league in backdoor passes thrown. And also probably backdoor passes completed, though I’ll admit that’s not necessarily a guarantee. I’m also guessing they’ll be near the top of the NBA in camouflage, big men time spent at the top of the key and headbands.

So basically, all the important stuff. Cautiously updating my T-Wolves prediction from “squeak in to the playoffs” to “likely NBA champions.”