Three-quarter court one-handed shot? No big deal.

Huge lefty cram around Ronny Turiaf? No big deal.

Nonchalant 360 off a practice pick-and-roll? No big deal.

Simple off-the-glass self oop? No big deal.

Big-time actual alley-oop? No big deal.

I’d say the knee looks fine.

Comments (3)

  1. Is this actually defense he is playing……? Cool :))

  2. breaking news: Clippers traing camp will end 1 week early with floping being banned.

  3. I know this is a f*cked up thing to say but it woulda been totally fitting if he had blown out his kneed doing one of these things. In his mind I’d go something like this: “oh, I think I’m donna throw down a lil 360 just cuz I can… AWWWWW (he screams in pain) my knee!” Remember he’s a clipper and sh*t like this happens when ur a clipper

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